Bond Precaire Woonvormen


Motivated resident supporters and campaigners (m/f)

Motivated resident support staff and campaigners (m/f) (approximately 2 hours per week) The Bond Precaire Woonvorm was established to demand and guarantee the housing rights of various types of 'flex residents'. We find it undesirable that more and more people who are struggling to conquer a place on the housing market in temporary


Stop eviction of Nora and Alissa by WonenBreburg in Breda.

Stop eviction of Nora and Alissa by WonenBreburg in Breda. In Prinsenbeek, a tenant with a 4-year-old child is in danger of being evicted by housing corporation WonenBreburg. The corporation recently applied for eviction from the court and was granted it. As of April 20, there is a threat of eviction with the bailiff. According to WonenBreburg,


Action 27 March 14:00 The Hague: Rentvolution!

Action 27 March 14:00 The Hague: Rentvolution! After an election result in which the demolishers of social housing and the right to a home were allowed to claim the profit, we will now also have to make our voices heard outside the voting booth. It's time for spring to arrive. It's time


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The Bond Precaire Woonvormen is set up to claim the housing rights of people who live in temporary, insecure, or too expensive housing. We fight for stable housing with housing security for everyone. The BPW organizes residents in solidarity networks and offers (legal) backup, both substantively and morally, for those who want to stand up for their rights. Since 2010, the Bond Precaire Woonvormen has been active as a volunteer association. Get involved!

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