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Labor Day: BPW celebrates May 1!

May 1 is celebrated all over the world, including in the Netherlands. BPW also participates in a number of cities and invites everyone to join. After all, the struggle for a dignified existence is very topical. It is very important that we connect, especially with the people who are forced to work and live insecurely.


Residential revolt: Not a tiny house but a bottom-up struggle

Residential revolt: Not a tiny house but a bottom-up struggle This article was originally written for Het Actiefonds. Read the original here. The housing shortage is hip. The sob stories of young people who are stuck and have been sleeping on the couch with friends for months are flying around you, with on the other side of


About the union

The Bond Precaire Woonvormen is set up to claim the housing rights of people who live in temporary, insecure, or too expensive housing. We fight for stable housing with housing security for everyone. The BPW organizes residents in solidarity networks and offers (legal) backup, both substantively and morally, for those who want to stand up for their rights. Since 2010, the Bond Precaire Woonvormen has been active as a volunteer association. Get involved!

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