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The Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW) is an association that fights for the right to housing and the city. We do this by standing up for the housing rights of people who live temporarily, insecurely or too expensively. Tenants increasingly have to deal with one or more of these forms of housing insecurity. Due to the growth of these precarious forms of housing, regular letting, with full rental rights and a good (social) housing stock, is coming under increasing pressure. 

Housing security

That is why we fight for housing security for everyone. Together with the BPW you can claim your right of residence as an individual or collective. We do this by organizing residents in solidarity networks and by offering substantive, moral, legal and organizational support. 

If you want to change something, you have to get organized!


The Bond Precarious Housing Forms is a solidarity movement. We help residents to set up solidarity networks and, with the support of our broad, national network of committed tenants, volunteers, organizations and action groups, to claim their right to live. We ask residents with a question or problem become a member of our association and to remain active with us after the treatment of their problem, as a sign of mutual solidarity. We can only achieve something with you, as a (flex) resident. We are a self-help organization, so get to work yourself. You become resilient with legal counter-arguments and practical experience tips, you receive support in organizing your action and setting up a solidarity network. Do you only come for (free) individual help but don't want to contribute to our solidarity movement? Then unfortunately we cannot help you. As a member, we hope that you in turn help others and involve them in the solidarity network. In this way we can grow as a sustainable movement for housing security — and that is much needed!


Once a solidarity network has formed around the resident(s) involved at local level, it is time for action. When residents are sent from pillar to post with the regular authorities, or according to case law 'are not within their rights', we provide publicity and political attention. Among our members we have a team of experienced resident support workers who can help organize direct action to claim your right of residence. We are not concerned with marginally improving the situation for (flex) tenants: we are speaking out because things will not go on like this. We do this by drawing public attention to the problems of (flex) tenants by means of a article, action announcement or physical demonstration!

Contributing to housing security

BPW is a voluntary association. Members are part of the union's solidarity network and can use or contribute to it in various ways, within our common fight for housing security. You can become active within a local group, one of the national working groups, or join one of the affiliated action groups such as Residential uprising or We Refuse the Rent Increase. In addition, you will be kept informed of developments via our newsletter and you can participate in decision-making at one of the members' meetings. Give up the membership form whether, and where you would like to become active. We also welcome inactive members within the association.

Brochure (NL/EN)

Would you like to know more about our method? Please browse through our Dutch or English brochure below. For questions about the membership, membership contribution or other practical matters, take a look at our FAQ. 

Support the fight for housing security!

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