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November 3, Rotterdam: demonstration against police violence

On Sunday 17 October we revolted against the housing policy in Rotterdam. A peaceful protest in which some 8,000 people took part. A protest that was brutally disrupted by the Rotterdam police on the Erasmus Bridge. Next Thursday, November 4, the Rotterdam city council will debate this one-sided and brutal police brutality. The violence on the Erasmus Bridge is yet another addition to the endless list of scandals at the Rotterdam police force.


The #Woon Uprising is coming!

On October 17, the second national demonstration for a radically different housing policy will take place in Rotterdam! This week, organizers of the Housing Revolt, the Housing Protest and the Housing Resistance entered into a conversation with outgoing minister Ollongren.


The disaster of five years of flex rental: time for housing security

Five years and a number of studies later, it is abundantly clear: the introduction of regular temporary rental contracts has led to the normalization of flex rental with very negative consequences for tenants. Instead of looking for 'better' flexible rental solutions, the introduction of temporary rental contracts should be reversed.


Support the fight for housing security!

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