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Statement on housing revolt: Amendments VVD and CDA are a targeted attack on the fundamental right of housing

Statement on housing revolt: Amendments VVD and CDA are a targeted attack on the fundamental right of housing

On Tuesday 18 April, the House of Representatives will vote on the Fixed Lease Contracts bill. There will also be three amendments from the SP and three amendments from the VVD and CDA. While the SP's amendments actually expand the protection of housing security, the VVD and CDA are only trying to erode it further. The Action Coalition Housing Rebellion expresses its horror at this attempt. We demand housing security for everyone and therefore do not accept any deterioration.

The proposals from CDA and VVD concern the second home of private landlords. They want it to be possible to throw tenants out of a house if the landlord wants to sell the house, or if they want to give family a house. De Woonopstand finds these proposals downright objectionable. With this, CDA and VVD break open their own coalition agreement (which stated that the permanent lease would remain the norm), to seek out the conflict with the housing movement, tenants and their own coalition partners through greater flexibility. It is an attempt to deprive more than 500,000 tenants of their homes and make them homeless, purely so that the landlord can sell his second home for a little more money.

Woonopstand sees this as a targeted attack on our housing security, and as a new attempt to give more power to landlords. This kind of precarity is exactly why coalition partner Bond Precaire Woonvorms was founded and which they have been fighting against together with tenants for years. These amendments are intended to further torpedo the basic right of residence. Due to this total contempt and provocation, the right-wing parties in parliament leave the housing movement no choice but to further escalate the housing struggle.

We therefore call on: support the Fixed Lease Contracts Act and the amendments that increase housing security! All amendments that lead to less security of living must be taken off the table immediately!

Woonopstand therefore calls on everyone to gather at the House of Representatives, Princess Irenepad 1 (near The Hague Central Station) on April 18 at 2 p.m. accept our residency rights. Bring your ID if you want to visit the public gallery. The vote is at 15:00.

Double Dutch – No roof, no worries. Double sewn by our government

More and more people live in precariousness and are left out. Especially people with serious psychological problems do not get the right help from agencies that they need. It is so bad that even the most needy can no longer get help.

Chelsea is one of them. They are trans, suffer from PTSD and borderline, and need urgent psychiatric care.

BPW Amsterdam spoke to them.

Housing struggle in 2022! Overview of upcoming national and local housing promotions.

As BPW, we have contributed to the successful demonstrations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Tilburg, Nijmegen, The Hague, Utrecht and Groningen. But the municipal elections are approaching and the new coalition agreement shows that action from below is desperately needed. Fortunately, demonstrations against the housing policy are already planned for 2022. BPW supports these demonstrations and calls on everyone to join us in demanding the right to housing.

No eviction for Jenny and her children until there is a final solution

Eviction threatens a single mother and her two childrenAfter a period full of stress and uncertainty, Jenny(*) and her two school-age children (5 and 8) are at risk of homelessness on 1 May 2019. However, she does not receive a housing urgency from the municipality. In such cases, the following applies: first enter the crisis shelter, then urgency. Temporary…

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