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Information prepared by the Bond Precaire Woonvorm about anti-squatting, residents' rights, tenancy law and housing shortage.

Double Dutch – No roof, no worries. Double sewn by our government

More and more people live in precariousness and are left out. Especially people with serious psychological problems do not get the right help from agencies that they need. It is so bad that even the most needy can no longer get help.

Chelsea is one of them. They are trans, suffer from PTSD and borderline, and need urgent psychiatric care.

BPW Amsterdam spoke to them.

Housing struggle in 2022! Overview of upcoming national and local housing promotions.

As BPW, we have contributed to the successful demonstrations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Tilburg, Nijmegen, The Hague, Utrecht and Groningen. But the municipal elections are approaching and the new coalition agreement shows that action from below is desperately needed. Fortunately, demonstrations against the housing policy are already planned for 2022. BPW supports these demonstrations and calls on everyone to join us in demanding the right to housing.

No eviction for Jenny and her children until there is a final solution

Eviction threatens a single mother and her two childrenAfter a period full of stress and uncertainty, Jenny(*) and her two school-age children (5 and 8) are at risk of homelessness on 1 May 2019. However, she does not receive a housing urgency from the municipality. In such cases, the following applies: first enter the crisis shelter, then urgency. Temporary…

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Master's thesis 'The precarious situation of anti-squatting' by Warren van Hoof

Although more and more living space in the Netherlands is becoming vacant, it is very difficult for home seekers to find suitable and affordable housing. Home seekers increasingly feel compelled to move into an anti-squat home in order to have a roof over their heads. The anti-squat companies are trying to exclude mandatory rent protection…

Master's thesis 'The precarious situation of anti-squatting' by Warren van Hoof Read More »

Ten Privacy Violations

The BPW is conducting an extensive investigation into anti-squat housing, which shows that the rights of anti-squat residents are being seriously affected in all kinds of areas. Below you will find some examples that specifically relate to privacy and personal life. Can we ask you to complete the investigation into anti-squatting so that we know what is happening…

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About the union

Have you been unjustly or horribly evicted from your anti-squat? A leaking roof / no heating / cold shower for months and empty promises to do something about it? Was your security deposit withheld for an absurd reason? Do you think that you are now paying so much to your anti-squat agency that it should be worth something in return? Then grab your…

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