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Stop the eviction of Van Baerle Voor Buuren

Amsterdam is increasingly losing its soul and integrity. Once a city for and by the people, now a city for project developers and big capital. Communities that have shaped the city and are being driven out for the sake of profit margins. The resident group Van Baerle Voor Buren, however, is one of the last bastions standing in the gentrified Museumkwartier. The tenants come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and represent the aforementioned communities. However they might be forced out as well by H&R Holding, a major property investor in Amsterdam.

BPW Newsletter: get ready for Housing Action Week

Call to action! From March 25 to April 2, 2023, we will take to the streets throughout Europe for the right to housing and the city, and against the absurdly increased costs of our necessary living. 

Join us too! Mobilize and join #HAD2023 in your city! Various campaigns are already planned in Amsterdam and Haarlem, among others. All actions can be found below on the website of Woonopstand.

BPW The Hague – Flyer action against housing insecurity, vacancy & anti-squatting

BPW The Hague will take to the streets in South West during the International Housing Action Week to hand out flyers against anti-squatting, temporary rental contracts and housing insecurity. Join and fight for housing security! We will start on 29 March at 19:30 atruimzicht and then spread over the Dreven en Gaarden & Bouwlust and Vredelust districts, where a number of clusters of demolition buildings are inhabited by anti-squat and temporary residents. 

Kansfonds and BPW, housing security the basis

Kansfonds en BPW, woonzekerheid de basis De Bond Precaire Woonvormen en Kansfonds gaan de samenwerking aan! Met het project ‘Woonzekerheid, de basis’ strijden we voor bestaanszekerheid.  Samenwerking Kansfonds & Bond Precaire Woonvormen: Woonzekerheid de basis!​ In Nederland leeft een groeiende groep mensen in woononzekerheid. Door flexibilisering van wooncontracten, krapte op de ‘woonmarkt” en stijgende woonlasten …

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Stop eviction Ben H. in The Hague by Hof Wonen!

Ben (54) from The Hague threatens to be evicted from his house on February 13 by Hof Wonen (Vestia). He lived with his terminally ill twin sister, Hellen, whom he cared for 24 hours a day until she recently passed away from cancer. After the death, he hoped to be allowed to stay in the house where his parents moved to in 1986.