10 November Handover of demands from BPW and Stationsflat residents to Urban Interest

Eisenhandover Urban Interest Tobias Asserlaan 2, The Hague 10/11/22, 14:00u Facebook Event 10 November Eisenhandover BPW and Stationsflat residents to Urban Interest On Thursday 10 November, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm together with Bo and other residents of the Stationsflat in Leiden will organize a submission of requirements at the office of Urban Interest in The Hague. Living is not musical chairs, but a right. It is unacceptable that…

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Stop evictions and musical chairs at Stationsflat Leiden

There are no plans for demolition yet for the well-known red and white flat on Stationsplein in Leiden. Nevertheless, pawnbroker Urban Interest and manager Van 't Hof Rijnland want to evict the tenants. To renovate and refurbish the property? Or to demolish the building? No, because immediately after the evictions, temporary tenants will move in again. What is going on here?

First office hours BPW Tilburg: 14 October

Do you suffer from housing insecurity, too high rent, annoying landlords or all three? Bond precarious housing forms (BPW) Tilburg organizes its first residential consultation hour on Friday 14 October from 2 pm to 4 pm. People who have questions about insecure living situations can contact us here. 

Come to the round table discussion on temporary rental contracts on September 13 in The Hague

Tuesday 13 September from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm there will be a round table discussion in the House of Representatives on temporary leases. The Woonbond, Aedes, the Rental Committee, Vastgoed Belang and the Association of Institutional Investors in Real Estate, among others, have a place at this table to share their views on the temporary contracts with the committee members. The Bond Precaire Woonvorm has been fighting housing insecurity for more than 10 years by making housing more flexible and expanding temporary rental contracts. However, we have not received an invitation for this interview, nor are we scheduled to listen to tenants living on temporary/uncertain leases.

Stop eviction Stefan & Alwin in Arnhem!

The Arnhemmers Stefan and his roommate Alwin are put on the street. Pawn owner Jan Willem van Delft Westerhof, who lives in Sydney, Australia, had verbally confirmed to the two tenants that after a one-year contract they would receive a contract for an indefinite period. However, he recently decided to kick Stefan and his roommate out and go back on his promise. The annual contract has been notified and he now wants the residents to leave the building by August 16.

Crowdfunding for investigation of personal injury caused by moldy home in The Hague

BPW Den Haag member Trees Steeghs is starting a crowdfunding for an investigation into personal injury after years of moisture and mold problems in her rental home. After solving some of the problems, the landlord Vestia let her live in a damp and moldy house for another fifteen years and failed to take adequate measures against this. Over the years, Trees' health problems continued to increase, she developed asthma and eczema and used large amounts of medication on a daily basis. In 2020, the situation worsened to such an extent that Trees was temporarily housed in a hotel by Vestia.