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Hof Wonen cleared again for vacancy and tries to put Ben on the street without procedure!

Ben was made homeless by Hof Wonen on February 13 after an eviction. Because he had not followed the correct legal paths to take over the lease after the death of his sister, he had to be evicted from the house that had been in the family since 1986 by the police and bailiff. BPW The Hague took action to protect his right of residence together with Ben. Ben told his story at The Hague FM, questions were asked and on February 10 there was a solidarity action with handover of demands at the Hof Wonen head office in The Hague. Nevertheless, Hof Wonen decided to evict after broad social and political support, and Ben and his girlfriend have been homeless ever since.

BPW The Hague – Flyer action against housing insecurity, vacancy & anti-squatting

BPW The Hague will take to the streets in South West during the International Housing Action Week to hand out flyers against anti-squatting, temporary rental contracts and housing insecurity. Join and fight for housing security! We will start on 29 March at 19:30 atruimzicht and then spread over the Dreven en Gaarden & Bouwlust and Vredelust districts, where a number of clusters of demolition buildings are inhabited by anti-squat and temporary residents. 

Stop eviction Ben H. in The Hague by Hof Wonen!

Ben (54) from The Hague threatens to be evicted from his house on February 13 by Hof Wonen (Vestia). He lived with his terminally ill twin sister, Hellen, whom he cared for 24 hours a day until she recently passed away from cancer. After the death, he hoped to be allowed to stay in the house where his parents moved to in 1986. 

10 November Handover of demands from BPW and Stationsflat residents to Urban Interest

Eisenhandover Urban Interest Tobias Asserlaan 2, The Hague 10/11/22, 14:00u Facebook Event 10 November Eisenhandover BPW and Stationsflat residents to Urban Interest On Thursday 10 November, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm together with Bo and other residents of the Stationsflat in Leiden will organize a submission of requirements at the office of Urban Interest in The Hague. Living is not musical chairs, but a right. It is unacceptable that…

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