Flavio Del Pomo

Stop the eviction of Van Baerle Voor Buuren

Amsterdam is increasingly losing its soul and integrity. Once a city for and by the people, now a city for project developers and big capital. Communities that have shaped the city and are being driven out for the sake of profit margins. The resident group Van Baerle Voor Buren, however, is one of the last bastions standing in the gentrified Museum Quarter. The tenants come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and represent the aforementioned communities. However they might be forced out as well by H&R Holding, a major property investor in Amsterdam.

Stop eviction by Ymere

On Thursday 15 September, the Ymere housing association wants to evict a resident. Officially due to demolition/renovation/sale plans, but that hasn't been the case for years, not even now! Help this resident defend the right of residence!

Time is ticking in Het Klokhof

Het Kokkenhof (Amsterdam) Time is ticking Het Kokkenhof In Het Kokkenhof at 55 Surinameplein in Amsterdam, 144 residents have been living happily for years. Beneath the surface, however, commercial landlords create precarious situations. Residents have been moving internally for eight years now so that the commercial landlord Vesteda can circumvent a permanent contract. Now that there are plans for renovation, 100 residents are threatening to take to the streets…

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Double Dutch – No roof, no worries. Double sewn by our government

More and more people live in precariousness and are left out. Especially people with serious psychological problems do not get the right help from agencies that they need. It is so bad that even the most needy can no longer get help.

Chelsea is one of them. They are trans, suffer from PTSD and borderline, and need urgent psychiatric care.

BPW Amsterdam spoke to them.

Nijmegen Housing Protest – Speech BPW

Nijmegen Housing Protest – Speech BPW On Sunday 31 October, there was another demonstration against the absurd Dutch housing policy. This time in Nijmegen: the Nijmegen housing protest. Of course the Bond Precare Woonvorm was present. Valued activist and board member of the Bond Precaire Woonvormn (BPW), Lilian Seip, gave a flaming speech. Read along: Speech “How…

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