Update and Mobilization: Prevent eviction of Vulnerable Tenants by Veenvesters!

We have recently taken action together with vulnerable tenant Aaron to prevent his eviction. Now the Veenvesters housing association has entered into summary proceedings to evict Aaron from the house. Although they have pledged to prevent his homelessness, they have not taken any steps to make that happen.

About a year and a half ago, Aaron came to live on Linneauslaan under a “living under conditions” contract. Now Aaron is being evicted from the house by Veenvesters due to nuisance complaints from the neighbors. Despite the fact that Aaron wanted to start mediation with his neighbors to solve these problems, the housing association proceeded to terminate his contract. This was made all the easier because it was a “living under conditions” contract. After this, Veenvesters did not want to enter into discussions to come up with another solution. Even now that the neighbors have experienced less nuisance lately, there is no flexibility in the housing association's attitude. 

Aaron has a partnership with the Precaire Housing Association tried to change this situation. First by approaching Veenvesters, then also through the media, local politics and a demonstration at the Veenvesters office. But still there is no change in the attitude of the corporation. Aaron has three demands: that he is not evicted from his house, that his temporary contract becomes permanent and that the corporation stops these “living under conditions” contracts. The corporation does not want to agree to any of these demands.

Nevertheless, Veenvesters has started the legal procedure to force Aaron to leave the house. A preliminary hearing will take place on April 26 in which Veenvesters has summoned Aaron. For example, they want to litigate in order to ultimately move to eviction. Veenvesters themselves promised during the demonstration in front of their office and in a letter to the municipality that they want to prevent Aaron's homelessness, but there has been no proposal showing how they will do that. This is completely irresponsible and unacceptable according to the BPW. In the current housing crisis, Aaron is not going to find a new home in time, so he is essentially made homeless. 

Veenvesters must stop this lawsuit and enter into discussions with Aaron and his neighbors to guarantee his housing security! If they do not do so, we will mobilize in solidarity on April 26 at the Central Netherlands Court (Vrouwe Justitiaplein 1, Utrecht) at 3:00 PM for Aaron's trial. This will start at 3:30 PM. If you want to attend this, please bring ID proof.

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