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The new year has started and several campaigns are picking up steam again. The Housing Action Days 2024 are coming, a week of decentralized housing struggles throughout Europe. The We Refuse the Rent Increase campaign has started and is off to a good start with the 'Freeze the rent!' in The Hague. We also look back at the action taken by BPW Den Bosch against real estate giant Heimstaden and an illegal eviction was stopped by BPW Rotterdam.

Participate in the Housing Action Days 2024! March 27 to April 7

2023 was a year of increasing social inequality, xenophobia, and repression of social movements and minorities in Europe. It has also been a year in which having a roof over your head has become self-evident for fewer and fewer people. That is why, together with the European Action Coalition, we are calling for a week of decentralized housing actions throughout Europe! Organize and mobilize!

🏡 Housing Action Days 2024 🏡
From March 27 to April 7, 2024, we, together with thousands of others across Europe, will take to the streets to fight for radically fair housing policies. We call on everyone to organize a local action during this week of European housing struggle.

Do you have ideas for actions or do you need help with organization and mobilization? Register your campaign via the Woonopstand website or contact us at 

🌍 Together we are strong! Become part of the broad European housing struggle!
Read the call for #HAD24 in different languages the website of the European Action Coalition and download the HAD24 graphics for your call. Read our full appeal on our website.

Organizations in The Hague in action to freeze rents! 

From July 1, the housing associations Haag Wonen, Staedion and Hof Wonen threaten to increase rents by as much as 5.3% - the highest increase in three decades! For many, this means an increase in charges of more than €30 per month or €360 per year! An unacceptable situation in times of growing insecurity that will have a major impact on tenants in poverty in The Hague.

A coalition of SP The Hague, BPW The Hague, The Hague City Party and Wij Refuse the Rent Increase is taking action and demanding a multi-year rent freeze to provide social security and lasting relief to tenants who are already struggling. To reinforce this demand, we are organizing a day of action on March 15, starting at 10 a.m. at the Haag Wonen office (Waldorpstraat 80, The Hague).

Day of action 'Freeze the rent!'
📅 Date: March 15
🕙 Time: 10am – 12pm
📍 Location: Haag Wonen, Waldorpstraat 80, The Hague


Show your solidarity with the fight for multi-year rent freezes! Participate in the action day on March 15 from 10 a.m. at Haag Wonen! Share this call in your network, mobilize your neighbors and share your story! 

Action BPW Den Bosch & Bomenlandflat against Heimstaden

On February 22, BPW Den Bosch stood together with SP Den Bosch and the tenants of the Bomenlandflat at the Heimstaden Netherlands office in Eindhoven.

The tenants no longer tolerated the fact that the major international investor has allowed their homes to deteriorate after the takeover of Vestia and have handed over their demands for good maintenance and affordable rents. 

“We demand control and security. We never get that with a real estate investor like Heimstaden who is only interested in quick profits. We can whistle for good maintenance, much-needed renovations and sustainability and good service.”

Heimstaden can no longer ignore the tenant campaign. The campaign has been well received by the media, including Trouw, who wrote an extensive article about the tenants' campaign: 'Foreign investors let flats in Den Bosch become derelict. 'We are cold due to poor maintenance'. And there was broad international solidarity action group Stop Heimstaden from Berlin and the European Action Coalition.

We continue to fight for good and affordable social rent. Thank you everyone for coming and broad (international) solidarity! More later!

Illegal eviction stopped in Rotterdam!

On Tuesday, January 30, we received a very urgent call for support from tenants who were threatened with an illegal eviction the following day. We immediately started working on it and were able to mobilize for a solidarity action.

With the help of BPW East (a new local BPW group), Rentbuster NL and activists from various social movements in Rotterdam (squatters' community, anarchists, Residential uprisingSocialists010) we arrived at 9:30 am to all oppose the eviction and to stop the landlord. We supported the tenants to confront the landlord himself and put an end to this illegal eviction. Without a judicial deportation order, no eviction can take place in the Netherlands. The conversation was quickly over and the tenants claimed their right to live. Direct action delivers results again!

This tenant case is not a coincidence, but the result of poor housing policy, in which landlords can charge excessively high rents with impunity. This must change.

We would once again like to thank everyone who supported and participated in this solidarity action. Without you we would not have been able to carry out this campaign successfully and 2 tenants would have become homeless.

Together with Rentbuster NL, BPW Rotterdam and the tenants, we continue to organize ourselves to claim housing security and rent reduction in their homes.

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Vacancies WWDH | Take action against the highest rent increase in 30 years!

The action campaign We Refuse the Rent Increase is a campaign built for and by active tenants, volunteers and activists. In addition to refusing the rent increase, we are building a sustainable movement that you can be part of. There are always tasks to be tackled, at national or local level, so become active in our campaign for a multi-year rent freeze!

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