March 12 action: Stop eviction by Veenvesters in Veenendaal

A vulnerable tenant on Linneauslaan in Veenendaal has to leave his rental home after 18 months, without being able to move on to another home. In the current housing crisis, it is becoming impossible to find a new roof over his head in the short term, and yet the housing association does not want to bend.

Housing security is a core task of housing associations

In the autumn of 2022, Aaron came to live on Linnaeuslaan. He came here from sheltered housing. Aaron's living and care contract were linked to his previous home. After the board of the care provider (De Grasboom) terminated the care contract in his previous home, his rental contract with Veenvesters (formerly Patrimonium) was also terminated. As a result, Aaron was automatically offered a last chance contract. This could then be extended to a permanent contract. 

Due to complaints from neighbors, the contract will not be extended, and Veenvesters has now terminated the rent and evicted the house, the planned delivery date is March 13. Although Aaron wants to enter into discussions with his neighbors and the corporation to solve the mutual problems they experience, Veenvesters refuses to enter into further discussions to prevent this resident from becoming homeless. Little transparency was provided in response to requests for access to the complaints, only recently following an express request from BPW. Previous requests for mediation from Aaron and his personal supervisor of outpatient care were ignored. No solutions are offered, and all responsibility is passed on to the landlord. 

Last chance for Veenvesters.

Veenvesters, a housing association that is expected to play a social role, contributes to precarity by offering this form of last chance contracts. Unlike normal social rental contracts, these can be temporary and can therefore be canceled much easier. BPW states “In addition to the temporary nature and the lack of tenancy rights, these contracts also impose absurd conditions that do not form the basis for someone's housing security. They are actually used as a disciplinary instrument. In this way, someone who is already in a vulnerable position is now added to the stress and headaches of the constant threat of homelessness. This is counterproductive to social security. Vulnerable people in particular need housing security! Politics and landlords must curb this now.” 

It is of the utmost importance to prevent this eviction and subsequent homelessness and to ensure housing security!

That is why Aaron, together with the Association for Precarious Housing, demands from Veenvesters:

  1. Stop the eviction.
  2. Turn the temporary contract into a permanent contract.
  3. Offer housing security. Stop temporary “last chance” contracts.

Show your solidarity!
Come to the requirements presentation at the Veenvesters office:
Date: March 12.
Time: 11:00.
Location: Boompjesgoed 20, Veenendaal.

Would you like to know more or do you have questions? Send an email to

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