Come to the tenant promotion at Heimstaden, February 22, 2:00 PM in Eindhoven.

Stop sales of social housing, carry out maintenance and renovation! Since the Bomenlandflat, the apartment complex located between Lagelandstraat, Palmboomstraat, Esdoornstraat and Cypresstraat, in Den Bosch is owned by real estate investor Heimstaden, hardly any maintenance has been carried out. Complaints are not responded to adequately and this poses dangers to the health of residents!

That is why they have united and bundled the complaints in a black book, created by the tenants' association Bomenlandflat, with the support of the Bond Precaire Woonvorms (BPW) and the SP. On February 22, residents will collectively hand over this black book and their demands to the international slumlord Heimstaden. 

Public housing not real estate investors!

Until 2015, the 180 homes belonged to the ailing housing association Vestia, which had to sell thousands of social rental homes. The homes were briefly owned by real estate investors MVGM, then the German Patrizia and were subsequently sold to the Scandinavian Heimstaden. Recently, Heimstaden has responded to bills to regulate rents announced large-scale social rental housing in the Netherlands to privatize and sell on the market. This means that public housing is in further danger marketed to become! Residents are the victims of this housing policy: rents are made unaffordable and unattainable by investors and hardly any maintenance is carried out. 

Done with overdue maintenance

Resident Henk Vernauw: “Hardly any maintenance has been carried out for years. Since I've lived here, not a lick of paint has ever gone over the walls. Homes are so poorly insulated that the wind blows through inside - heating in the winter is hardly affordable. But the rent is increased annually. Complaints are often not even responded to. We need perspective and we don't have that at Heimstaden. We want to continue living here in good quality homes because we pay enough for that. That is why we are now taking action against these malpractices.”

Bomenlandstraat Residents Association: “We demand control and security. We never get that with a real estate investor like Heimstaden who is only interested in quick profits. We can whistle for good maintenance, much-needed renovations and sustainability and good service. A different ownership structure is needed. That is why our tenants' association Bomenlandflat was founded, to collectively demand our housing rights."


  1. Immediately take care of the overdue maintenance of the homes and common areas at the Bomenlandflat.
  2. Carry out the necessary renovations with attention to good insulation, replacement of the outdated kitchens and sanitary facilities, improved safety and ventilation.
  3. Specify annual accounts for each tenant instead of confronting us unannounced with a sky-high bill at the end of the year, without substantiation.
  4. Ensure sustainable occupancy of all homes.
  5. Stop the privatization and sell-off of our public housing and offer tenants protection against mismanagement by commercial investors.

Come to the requirements handover! 

Tenants will collectively present their demands and the black book to Heimstaden on Thursday, February 22. Location, Hoogstraat 265, 2:00 PM, Eindhoven. The more we are, the better!

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Support the fight for housing security!

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