2023 was a year of increasing social inequality, xenophobia, and repression of social movements and minorities in Europe. It has also been a year in which having a roof over your head has become self-evident for fewer and fewer people. That is why, together with the European Action Coalition, we are calling for a week of decentralized housing actions throughout Europe! Organize and mobilize!

Across Europe we see rising rents and skyrocketing energy and food costs. The result of this is that a growing group of people find themselves in appalling living conditions and/or pay a lot of money on rent! Homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate, and tent camps, even in and around Europe's richest cities, have become a permanent part of the public space (provided they are not immediately rolled up with great force, of course). More and more people with low incomes are pushed further into precarious housing and often have no choice but to house themselves in temporary, overcrowded or informal housing. In the Netherlands we are now the leader when it comes to housing costs, and 58% of the population pays on average more than 40% of their income in housing costs! While the crisis continues to escalate, and while all promises about social security have been thrown overboard, national and European institutions continue to favor private investors in the real estate market, and the interests and rights of residents and citizens are increasingly ignored. 

Thousands of us are already taking action and taking to the streets together to give voice to our discontent. Collective organized resistance is growing steadily and new ideas and solutions are being put forward for a just and inclusive city, for equal rights and accessibility to decent and affordable housing for everyone. The housing crisis is a European crisis, international action and solidarity are our weapon!

European week of decentralized actions!

To enforce radically fair housing policies at European level, the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City again this year Housing Action Days. From March 27 to April 7, 2024 we go again for a week, across Europe, take to the streets to take action and decentralized actions are simultaneously organized in dozens of countries for the right to housing and the city. You can also contribute to this locally. Organize an action in your neighborhood, village or city during the Housing Action Days!

In previous years, dozens of actions have been organized during Housing Action Week. In the Netherlands, flyer actions were organised, housing protests such as the Housing Protest in Arnhem, a tenant action at the Amsterdam landlord Rochdale and in Haarlem activists took to the streets with stencils and chalk spray. Curious about what else was organized? Watch the full thing here overview of Dutch actions during the Housing Action Days 2023, or view the full overview here of more than 90 (!) promotions which were organized throughout Europe.

Register your campaign!

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We will be seen, we will be heard, and we will go to war together! Become part of the broad European housing struggle!

Read the original call for the #HAD24 in different languages via the EAC website and download the HAD24 graphics for your call.

Support the fight for housing security!

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