Save the future of the Zuiderzeeweg!

The last fringes of Amsterdam are increasingly having to make way for expensive and lonely studios. This now also seems to be happening with the site on the Zuiderzeeweg (Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam East).

The students form together with artists and making/living communities - such as Fort Knox and One Peaceful World – the Baaibuurt West, one of the last fringes of Amsterdam East. During the 40 years that the frayed edge has existed, there have been communities together with students and artists built that are a source of innovation, creativity and communal life. They have valuable expertise in-house and are among them future city planners, ecologists, artists, policy makers and designers.

The housing association informed on September 13, 2023 DUWO the student community that they want to make their homes a had to leave six months earlier than planned, namely on June 30, 2024. This earlier date coincides with the completion of the academic year, which puts pressure on student performance. Moreover, DUWO unwilling to provide alternative accommodation. The municipality plays a crucial role in this matter, as DUWO acts on behalf of the municipality.

Instead of making this community unnecessarily homeless, we, the students of the Zuiderzeeweg, demand DUWO and the local authority:

Requirements for DUWO and the municipality of Amsterdam

Postpone the eviction for at least 3 months

Let our community continue on the site or offer a replacement place

Our vision for a manufacturing/living community builds on the collective values and creativity that are present in the neighborhood. This includes not only social and affordable living, but also the importance of creativity, collective ownership, intergenerational contact and sharing knowledge and care for each other

Municipality of Amsterdam, deed after word: engage the communities in the development of the new neighborhood and look for one together solution for preserving the frayed edge.

Support the fight for housing security!

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