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VOLUNTEER FUNCTION | The Amsterdam branch of the Precaire Housing Association was founded to demand the housing rights of different types of residents. We find it undesirable that more and more people who have difficulty finding a place in the housing market end up in temporary and precarious housing. Our goal is to ensure safe, stable and affordable housing for everyone.

Do you want to delve deeper into housing and do you feel the need to commit to our residential future together with our combative and friendly team? Do you like what we do and would you like to join our team? 

We are looking for someone who:

  • Would you like to host the residential consultation hours with us on Tuesday evenings in our beautiful office in the center of Amsterdam
  • Want to help organize our mutual aid efforts (Example 1, example 2)
  • Would like to think about our future strategy, which focuses on strengthening the position of precarious tenants in Amsterdam.

Do you have approximately four hours a week time and would you like to join the core group of BPW Amsterdam? Please contact Julian (06 84755280) or

Support the fight for housing security!

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