Bresidents group House, consisting of residents of the River House with a temporary lease, stelt imagines.  
Ruhuis is determined to fight for housing security for temporary tenants – before a place you can call home.

Fast train to homelessness

Housing corporation Eigen Haard will thoroughly renovate the Rivierenhuis, a residential complex in Amsterdam South, next year. Only tenants with a permanent tenancy agreement can move into an alternative home during the renovation and may return afterwards. Only tenants with a permanent lease are entitled to the statutory relocation allowance and urban renewal urgency. Rhuis has tried several ways with Eigen Hnature to get in touch to look at a solution together.
Residents' group Rhuis has the feeling that it is on an express train to homelessness, but is ready to pull the emergency brake.
This situation is very stressful. It's so destabilizing. If you are insecure about your home, you are insecure about your whole life.

That is why Rhuis and BPW demand from Eigen Haard:


1. Clarity about the renovation plans


2. Housing security: Replacement housing during renovation and return after renovation

The temporary tenants, united in the Rhuis resident group, are, like as permanent residents by the River House, ordinary people with ordinary dreams for the future.… En them just want a home too!
BPW Amsterdam helps the residents to make their struggle visible. By bringing them into contact with media and politics. For example, the residents have spoken to the council committee on housing and public housing. And Het Parool has published an article.

Support the fight for housing security!

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