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Extend the temporary leases of the residents of Mannoury!

Imagine… You are going to live in a newly completed, beautiful, energy-neutral and future-proof building. You can make it your home in two years, create a beautiful community with nice neighbors and always pay your rent on time. All this with the idea in mind that your temporary contract will be extended after those two years, because this was promised to you when you signed the contract. In addition, the developer's website,, boasts that they are building places with "long-term relevance", "through sustainable design or the relationships that residents build together”. creates places for the future, not for the “here and now”. 

40 households on the street

Yet the landlord suddenly says that the contracts will not be renewed. In short, we have to find a new home within three months on the overheated housing market of Amsterdam. This is the reality for 40 households in the Mannoury building on Westlandgracht. Vastgoed Unie, the manager, indicates during discussions that it has no decision-making power and the project developer does not show up at the discussion table.


Too many rights

The reason that VastgoedUnie, and Mannoury BV want to evict 40 households? They are numerous, but also contradictory. An indefinite contract gives us 'too many rights' and is not in line with their policy. Why do several (more expensive) apartments in the same building have a contract for an indefinite period? To top it all off, after two years of crisis and rising inflation, our income should have increased to such an extent that we can afford an apartment of 2000 euros per month (double what we pay now). A building full of young, hopeful starters is unceremoniously put on the street because of the lack of sense of reality on the part of a money-hungry broker, manager and project developer.

Therefore, the BPW and the residents demand:




We don't sit still! We speak to the media, enter into dialogue with the municipality of Amsterdam and above all hope for your support, as a reader. This kind of practice happens too much in beautiful Amsterdam. As a result, it slowly becomes a city where only the Prince Bernhards of the world can earn money from each other. People who do contribute something to society are left out in the cold. 


Please keep our website and social media keep an eye out for follow-up actions!

Support the fight for housing security!

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