​​​​​​​The Hague 12/04/23 — Barely three months after Hof Wonen arose from the shards of Vestia, the brand new foundation to a new low and proceeds to illegal eviction.

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Despite the intervention of a lawyer, Hof Wonen today proceeded to unlawfully evict Ben and his girlfriend from their home in the Stuwstraat. This means that Ben has been evicted and made homeless for the second time in two months. After the first eviction, on February 13, Ben and his girlfriend slept on the street or on people's couches for a month, after which they squatted back into their vacant home out of sheer desperation. Without legal process or eviction order, Hof Wonen proceeded to evacuate the house today — under the watchful eye of the police in The Hague. This is an absolute low point in the behavior of the 'social' corporations of the Netherlands and the way they treat their own tenants. BPW The Hague is furious about this state of affairs and will not leave it at that!

Two days ago, on Easter Monday, Hof Wonen announced that it wanted to evacuate the house again. Ben immediately called in a lawyer, who made it clear to Hof Wonen that without a court ruling, she has no title to effect this eviction. After all, Ben has invoked his constitutionally and treaty-protected home right, arising from the 'house peace' he established in his previously vacated home. The local police officer, who had visited Ben to ascertain the new situation, was also aware of this. Because the eviction judgment of February 13 had already been carried out, Hof Wonen had to start an eviction procedure again in order to legally be allowed to evict Ben.

Home invasion

Since the house will not be demolished until December at the earliest, and since it will no longer be rented out via vacancy management in the meantime, Ben van Hof Wonen should have expected that he could continue to live in his parental home until shortly before the demolition. . In the light of the current housing crisis, vacancy is wrong; especially if homelessness is the direct result of this. Hof Wonen has shown again today that it does not shy away from lawless acts, intimidation and violence against residents in vulnerable positions. In close cooperation with the Haaglanden police force, she committed trespassing by breaking open the doors and windows of Stuwstraat 58 and making Ben and his girlfriend homeless for the second time in two months.

Images evacuation April 12

No one on the street

The Bond Precaire Woonvorms (BPW) calls Hof Wonen, Alderman Balster and the politicians in The Hague to account and demands clarification as soon as possible about how it is possible that a social housing corporation such as Hof Wonen can decide together with the Hague police to ignore applicable laws and regulations. patches. In addition, BPW van Hof Wonen wants to know why months of vacancy are more important to them than a fundamental necessity of life for someone who has nowhere to go. Why is this foundation not willing to cooperate on a solution?

Our demand to Hof Wonen and the municipality: Offer Ben housing, just like the rest of the residents in his street!


Ben and his girlfriend reported to the homeless shelter in The Hague today. This is overcrowded and there is no place for them, so they will have to sleep on the street for the next few nights. This while their house on the Stuwstraat is empty for at least 8 months!

Speak out against this injustice and share this article, tag Hof Wonen and call them to account! This inhuman housing policy must stop immediately!

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