Ben was made homeless by Hof Wonen on February 13 after an eviction. Because he had not followed the correct legal paths to take over the lease after the death of his sister, he had to be evicted from the house that had been in the family since 1986 by the police and bailiff. BPW The Hague took action to protect his right of residence together with Ben. 

Ben added his story The Hague FM, there were questions for advice and on February 10 there was a solidarity action with handover of demands at the head office of Hof Wonen in The Hague. Nevertheless, Hof Wonen decided to evict after broad social and political support, and Ben and his girlfriend have been homeless ever since.

They slept on the street or on people's couches. There was no room in the homeless shelter. Out of desperation, Ben moved back into his evacuated home a few weeks ago. The house had been empty for a month, while Ben slept on the street. He was able to live here relatively undisturbed for several weeks. The police visited a number of times, and finally last week a proposal was made to talk with Hof Wonen and the community police officer in the community center. 

Clearing out again for vacancy

On Easter Monday, however, the real intention of Hof Wonen became clear in a letter. The conversation in the community center suddenly turned into an illegal eviction. They announced 2 days in advance that they would enter the house on Wednesday, April 12 and throw Ben out on the street again. Ben has engaged a lawyer who confirmed that Hof Wonen has no legal grounds to evict Ben on Wednesday 12 April.

Crack action

Ben has taken into use vacant housing as a homeless person and has peace of mind here. Hof Wonen tries to end Ben's squatting action without the intervention of a judge and to throw him out on the street without any approach or communication on Wednesday. This cannot and should not happen! Come on Wednesday April 12 between 9:00 and 12:00 to Stuwstraat 58 to show solidarity. Ben has indicated that he would like to be supported tomorrow morning so that he is not alone in the face of the intimidation of Hof Wonen. No one on the street for vacancy!

Our demands on Hof Wonen and the municipality remain undiminished:

    1. Stop the planned eviction and prevent homelessness!

    2. Offer Ben a new home, just like the rest of the residents on his street!

Support the fight for housing security!

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