Call to action! From March 25 to April 2, 2023, we will take to the streets throughout Europe for the right to housing and the city, and against the absurdly increased costs of our necessary living. 

Join us too! Mobilize and join #HAD2023 in your city! Various campaigns are already planned in Amsterdam and Haarlem, among others. All actions can be found below the housing estate website.

Urban Resort

At the beginning of that year, BPW Amsterdam became involved in the breeding ground SUP next to it Bell Court in Amsterdam.

Landlord Urban Resort initially did not want to extend the temporary contracts of five tenants after March 31. BPW Amsterdam helped the tenants to set up the residents' committee 'Save SUP' and thereby join forces. Together with the residents, we have proposed to Urban Resort to have tenants move internally with a new temporary contract based on the vacancy law.

When the tenants made it clear to Urban Resort that they were organised, Urban Resort got down to business with the proposal. Ultimately, Urban Resort's proposal was approved after several meetings. The residents can therefore stay until the renovation starts, at least until December 31!

River House

Housing corporation Eigen Haard wants it river house 2, a complex in Zuid, will soon be renovated. For that reason, they have placed flexible tenants in some of the homes. They are not entitled to replacement housing and return, so Eigen Haard can easily get rid of them. But here too, the temporary residents have united with BPW Amsterdam and ask Eigen Haard:

Provide housing security! Let us return after renovation or offer us a permanent contract elsewhere!

Initially, the residents try to talk to Eigen Haard. If that doesn't work, further action will follow!


The by the infamous Bertus Luske founded H&R Holding played musical chairs with the residents for years. They kept moving internally and a temporary contract. 

Now H&R suddenly no longer allows this practice, with the result that one of the residents is at risk of becoming homeless as of March 31. But the resident refused to leave. It appears that H&R will not start renovating at least for the coming months. The room would then just be empty. 

Together with BPW, she demands: No eviction for vacancy! Let the occupant stay in the house, at least until the renovation starts! 

The combative resident has informed H&R that she refuses to leave voluntarily after March 31. BPW has provided her with a lawyer to take on this battle!

Support the fight for housing security!

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