On January 9, Kayleigh must deliver her house clean and empty, remove the weeds, remove any adjustments made, return everything to its original state and hand in the keys. The reason given is renovation of the homes by the owner corporation Havensteder. Support Kayleigh and come to her eviction in Vreewijk on January 9 at 9:00 AM. or sign her petition!

'House Guard'

On September 9, 2021, she moved into the vacant housing association house in Vreewijk as a 'house guard', with an anti-squatting contract from Interveste. She had 2 weeks before she had to move in to make the house habitable and the garden was also thoroughly tackled. House guard is a kind of guard, and work such as Kayleigh has done is normally done for pay! The term 'housekeeper' also suggests a paid position as a cleaner and security guard, rather than the disenfranchised position of someone who tries to stay close to her work, and has to accept so many bad conditions and relocations.

Disaster for social cohesion

It is of course a well-known pitfall with anti-squatting, that as a resident you should not / cannot put any effort into your home because they can kick you out at any time. That's what you signed up for. Still, there is constant discouragement of initiative and the reward of 'do as we say or you won't have a home'. Anti-squatting and temporary letting prevent people from bonding with their environment or making an effort for something. After a year, or less, you're gone anyway!

Before Kayleigh could move, she had to 'soak the whole house with nicotine'.

Housing insecurity as a revenue model

The corporation in question, Havensteder, should be happy with so much free effort instead of putting this resident off now and sending them off with a mess. Interveste does nothing except draw up and cash a contract (€195) from both the resident and the owner of Havensteder. The good looking place, the nice people: all done by the residents. For example, before she could live in the house, Kayleigh had to soak the brown-yellow walls with a thick layer of nicotine and trimmed the jungle in the garden before she could move in. After a year of living pleasure, she can then leave.

Using anti-squat residents to solve your vacancy and security problems is of course very easy, completely free of charge.

The resident is left with a hangover that he or she paid for, of course it couldn't be better. We like house guards like that, on to the next house: and thank you!

She also had to clean up the garden completely before anything could be used.

Social degradation

Someone who wants to build a life deserves a stable place to develop personally and professionally. The current housing policy and the housing market are causing the opposite: social degradation. The damage is already great among tenants in terms of development and life-course, and temporary leases or loan contracts exacerbate this. We no longer accept this!

action call

Come to Kayleigh's house in Vreewijk in Rotterdam on Monday 9 January 9:00 am to support her during Interveste's visit to the house! The keys must then be handed in, but she cannot move until a suitable new home is offered. If Interveste continues this, she will be out on the street! Stop this eviction and come to Vreewijk on Monday morning! You can also sign Kayleigh's petition calling for stable housing.

To demand

We demand a high-quality (read: no cleaning for weeks, no mold, leakage, unsafe electricity, properly lockable, etc.) replacement housing in Vreewijk with a rental contract for an indefinite period from the Havensteder housing association.

The declaration of uninhabitability must be reversed and the cause of it, the broken water heater, must be replaced. even if the rental period is only a few weeks. The lady has paid for a usable home that she should have as long as she lives there. Interveste has a duty of care towards Ms. and must comply!

Stop the use of and outsourcing of social housing to anti-squatting agencies that work with strangling contracts that can lead to homelessness. Please respect our tenancy rights.

As long as no good alternative is offered, Kayleigh has no reason to move in our view.

The BPW and residents demand:

1. Prevent homelessness: Provide Kayleigh with housing security and stop the planned eviction.

2. Revert the declaration of uninhabitability and repair the broken water heater.

3. Stop using social housing as anti-squatting locations and respect tenancy rights.


Open Rotterdam came by on the day of the promotion to speak with Kayleigh. See item below or the article on their website

Support the fight for housing security!

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