Call taken from the European Action Coalition of which BPW is part – Call to action! From March 25 to April 2, 2023, we will take to the streets throughout Europe for the right to housing and the city, and against the absurdly increased costs of our necessary living. 

Join us too! Organize, mobilize and join #HAD2023 in your city! 

European Action Coalition (EAC)

We, the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City (EAC), are calling for a week of residential actions across Europe. In the context of the absurdly increased cost of our essential living, exploded rents and utility bills are exacerbating the already existing housing crisis. We are against the neoliberal institutions, laws and regulations that encourage the accumulation of capital at the expense of citizens. Gentrification, the commodification of housing, the privatization of public spaces and the touristification of our cities are attacking us and we will have to fight back.

Our properties are claimed by banks and sold in portfolios to real estate investors so that they can make exorbitant profits on the housing market while enjoying huge tax benefits. We can no longer pay our rising rents, we are being evicted, evicted and chased from our neighborhoods and communities. Alternative forms of housing are destroyed, evicted, prosecuted or replaced for profit-driven urban projects. Social housing, where it still exists, is neglected and sold to the private sector. While governments say there is no money for social policy, it is easily spent on militarization, as we see with the war in Ukraine. Millions of people are fleeing the many wars currently being fought around the world. We speak out against all imperialist wars.

Fascists and the extreme right are taking advantage of this injustice, shifting the discussion further and further to the right. All our forms of resistance, our squats, social centers, sanctuaries, collectives and comrades in this struggle can count on repression, fines and prosecution. Governments and politicians are quicker to act with repressive measures for the benefit of the wealthy class than to provide us with a sustainable supply of healthy and adequate housing with housing security for everyone. The wider movement for a world without war, racism, sexism, able-bodiedism and other forms of violence and discrimination, as well as for climate justice, is inherently linked to the fight for our right to live and the city.

Citizens are revolting everywhere. We need to strengthen our movements. We need to organize and work together transnationally. From March 25 to April 2, 2023, we will take to the streets in marches and demonstrations, organize rallies, occupy properties of landlords and institutions, and much more!

We stand up for:

Adequate housing for everyone. A ban on evictions, decriminalization of squatting, rent regulation, a drastic reduction in rents, the abolition of illegal mortgage and debt constructions that drive people out of stable housing, requisitioning vacant housing, the expropriation of landlords, an expansion of public and social sustainable housing, housing no shelter camps…

An end to the privatization of public space, democratic urban and rural planning according to the needs of residents and the living environment, an end to the persecution and criminalization of the homeless, an end to tourism, commercialization, gentrification and all forms of commodification of our space…

A ban on the exploitation of public goods, energy and heating for everyone, no evictions due to energy debts, affordable prices for basic needs, all essential sectors in public hands such as energy, water, communication and transport, sustainable energy for everyone…

Let's unite our struggle across national borders! Join the Housing Actions Days 2023! Various actions are already being prepared throughout the country, but you can also organize an action locally, large or small. Need help or tips? Please let us knowPerhaps the BPW can help you get started. 


The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City is a network of 35 grassroots organizations from 22 different countries. Information:

Support the fight for housing security!

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