On January 9, Kayleigh would become homeless after an anti-squat agreement with Interveste and Havensteder. Together with BPW Rotterdam, she took action and refused to leave the house that she had made habitable at her own expense. See the original article For more information.

Intimidation by 'social' corporations

On January 10, Kayleigh, under pressure from intimidating letters with fines from anti-squatting agency Interveste (see photos), decided to leave her home in Vreewijk after all. She has now become homeless and is temporarily staying with friends. Together with a lawyer, she now objects to the penalty clause that is being imposed.

Havensteder & other 'social' housing corporations in the Netherlands: stop outsourcing vacant social rental homes to companies that work with strangling contracts that make people homeless! If tenants in housing insecurity ask for help and you are then intimidated with fines of 500 per day (rising to 25,000) that you do not leave your home, then something is seriously wrong.

"This process feels very unheard of to me and I feel very alone, you can't rely on anything because of this uncertainty." 

Intimidation & fines from Interveste

Havensteder: Offer housing security!

BPW Rotterdam calls on Havensteder and the Municipality of Rotterdam to offer Kayleigh (re)housing and housing security and to actively work on preventing and solving homelessness. This is already possible with existing measures such as 'housing first'. The current housing policy is mopping with the tap open! 

BPW Rotterdam therefore continues to support Kayleigh. “We detest these intimidating methods that violate our rights of residence.”  

For more information or contact with BPW Rotterdam or Kayleigh mail to

The BPW and residents demand:

1. Prevent homelessness: Provide Kayleigh with housing security and stop the planned eviction.

2. Revert the declaration of uninhabitability and repair the broken water heater.

3. Stop using social housing as anti-squatting locations and respect tenancy rights.


Open Rotterdam and RTV Rijnmond came by on the day of the campaign to speak with Kayleigh. See the item below or the article by Open Rotterdam or RTV Rijnmond.

Support the fight for housing security!

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