Requirements handing over.

in front of the church Saint Catherine, Kruisbroederhof 4, Den Bosch.
 Sunday 13 November 09:45

5 years ago, a group of residents renovated the vacant Rectory at the Kruisbroedershof 10 in Den Bosch made habitable. Now the owner threatens Parish Saint maria and Monoma (formerly Camelot) to evict this group of residents on November 28. A young group of Bosschenaren is now taking action to prevent their impending homelessness and to demand housing security. dto evict this group of residents from their homes on November 28. A young group of Bosschenaren is now taking action to prevent their impending homelessness and to demand housing security.

The building and the adjacent patronage had been empty for decades and the owner had no destination. In 2017, a group of residents in a housing shortage took the initiative to make the building habitable. However, despite efforts to reach a reasonable agreement, the owner threatened eviction. Residents then had the choice of either evicting or signing an anti-squat agreement with Camelot (now Monoma). The house was badly neglected and the residents have restored it themselves. “It is outrageous that owners allow their properties to rot when there is a major housing shortage. The residents have made the building habitable.

Living is not musical chairs.

Resident Veerle: “When we came here, everything was moldy and after years of vacancy, it was very hotpaid. The residents have everything by yourself refurbished where the parish and Camelot/moma neglect this.
Resident Peer: “We contacted the owner to stabilize our precarious living situation together, but again they said no. Suddenly there were all kinds of plans and we as residents are not involved at all. There is no equal communication. We will stay here and not only want to claim our own housing security, but also stand in solidarity with other people who are being exploited and who stand up against this!”.
“Now that there is a housing crisis in Den Bosch, it is almost impossible to find a home that is affordable within a short time and now they are forcing us to look for another home for a month. This is inhumane. We can't go anywhere, so we're not going anywhere. I will not allow myself to be made homeless,” says resident Erik.

Housing security for everyone.

A spokesperson for BPW states “It is not unique that people are at risk of becoming homeless as a result of temporary rental contracts. 1 in 5 tenants already has such an uncertain lease. Partly because of this, homelessness among young people has increased over the past 10 years tripled.
The waiting list for social housing has also grown considerably in Den Bosch and the rental rights are being squandered by politics and the market. This urgent problem also plays a role in Den Bosch. The Bossche politician and Alderman for Housing Pieter Paul Slikker must now intervene to provide housing security. The government has the obligation to provide adequate housing and to intervene in the event of imminent evictions.
The homelessness of this group of young residents of Bosch must be prevented at all costs. If the government, church and market do not do this, we will do it ourselves as a community! Housing is not a commodity. We claim our human right to housing.

The Rectory residents and BPW Den Bosch demand from the Parish of Saint Mary, Monoma and the municipality of Den Bosch:


1. Stop the eviction and redemption of all residents.

2. Offer all residents a regular rental contract or a (re)housing guarantee with housing security for everyone.

3. Prevent homelessness and guarantee the human right to housing for every resident of Bossche.Stop the flexibility of housing. Nobody on the street!

The BPW is in solidarity with the residents and calls on all Bosschenaren and organizations to support them as well.
How can you support residents?  Share this on social media with the hashtag #stophuisuituitpastorie 
Come to flyer campaign – handing over of demands. 
Sunday 13 November 09:45 in front of the church Saint Catherine, Kruisbroederhof 4, Den Bosch.
Would you like more information about this case or ccontact with the residents? Please contact us via this form (add link) or call Abel Heijkamp 06-47686543.

Support the fight for housing security!

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