If the Bossche politicians do not intervene, more young people will soon become homeless. By bad housing policy and growing waiting lists for social housing more and more people live out of necessity temporary, uncertain, too expensive or not. We are going camping to make the housing crisis in Den Bosch visible on the sidewalk at the municipality, Behind City Hall. 
The situation of the Pastorie residents at Kruisbroedershof 10 is an example of why our housing system needs to change radically. Evictions, (threatened) homelessness, sky-high house prices and the flexibilization of rental contracts are constantly depriving the residents of our city of their living rights. That has to stop.

We now demand a solution for the rectory residents and a radical change of housing policy that causes housing insecurity. Also come to collectively hand over our demands to the city government. Take your tent, or household goods; such as benches, table, plants and protest sign!

Afterwards, at 'Informing and Meeting' from 20:30 there will be a voice by rectory residents and BPW Den Bosch. Come support them and show your solidarity.

For more information or contact with residents, please contact or with Abel Heijkamp via 0647686543

For more information about the Rectory residents, read this article 

Support the fight for housing security!

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