Handing over requirements Urban Interest

Tobias Asserlaan 2, the Hague

10/11/22, 14:00u

On Thursday 10 November, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm together with Bo . organizes and Others residents of the Leiden Stationsflat a claim overhanding at the kantor of Urban Interest in The Hague. Living is not musical chairs, but a right. It is unacceptable for pawnshops to make tenants redeemable and homeless in order to build up tenancy rights.rcome. That is why we will collectively make our demands known to this pawnbroker. We're calling  tenants, house seekern and organizations to be present and show their solidarity!

Abolish temporary contracts

Due to the flexibilisation of living, 1 in the 5 tenants already one temporary/uncertain contract, Causing residents being in constant housing uncertaintydthis kind of contracts to be for a fast growing group of people 'normal' gebecome. More and more people are getting into trouble like this to sitYou cannot voluntarily opt for a temporary contract if that is all that is offered, and yet landlords say that tenants choose temporary rent themselves. We recently handed over our requirements for abolishing temporary contracts to MPs to make this clear. 

read here the background article.

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm Leiden demands from Urban Interest:

Let the residents of the Stationsflat in their own home

and offers residents a permanent rental contract!

and from politics:

Abolish the rental market flow law, offer housing security for everyone and prevent homelessness.

Requirements handing over

When: Thursday November 10
Time: 14:00
Where: Headquarters Urban Interest, Tobias Asserlaan 2, the Hague
call your friendnstand up for solidarityir to be with Bo and the Others inhabitants of the Leiden station flat.
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Do you want more information, or do you want to support our campaign with your organization? Please contact us with BPW Leiden by mail ( or resident Bo by telephone (06-48203862).

Do you also want to defend the right of residence in Leiden?

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