July 1 is just around the corner, and with it the start of the rent increase. Fortunately, you have all signed up en masse to refuse the rent increase and to issue a widely supported statement together.


Order another before July 1th poster at the Red Lap and hang it in front of your window to show that you refuse the rent increase or support our action! Take a photo and share it with #bevriesdehuur on social media to make extra visible on July 1 that we are demanding a multi-year rent freeze, to make and keep living affordable again!


We Refuse the Rent Increase will hold webinars in the coming months where residents can ask questions and think along. For example, if a landlord makes a fuss or if you run into other problems while refusing the rent increase. You can sign up via the website. Dates:

  • Monday 18 July, 20:00
  • Monday 15 August, 20:00
  • Monday September 26, 20:00
  • Monday 17 October, 20:00


Solidarity groups of We Refuse the Rent Increase have become active in all provinces of the Netherlands this year. In cities such as Ermelo, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Groningen, Leiden, Oss, Rotterdam, Zaanstad, Hellendoorn, local solidarity groups of residents have been set up who together refuse the rent increase and support each other with the help of this handy step-by-step plan.


Recently, the draft national performance agreements for the housing association sector were leaked between, among others, Woonbond, Aedes and Minister Hugo de Jonge. This shows that rents will be raised again in the coming years, despite good promises, and that income-related rent increases will continue. We Refuse the Rent Increase does not agree with this, we want rent regulation and freezing of all rents for 5 years and therefore has the fire letter of the national action coalition Woonopstand for affordability and housing security.


Support We Refuse the Rent Increase with a donation! We are now over half of our donation goal! Thanks for this! In order to be able to continue to supplement our promotional material and to keep the rest of the campaign going, we ask you to continue to donate. This is how we fight together for a multi-year rent freeze!


The action campaign We Refuse the Rent Increase is made possible in part by the Bond Precarious Housing (BPW). Do you want to support the fight for lower rents and housing security for everyone? Then become a member of the BPW now!

Support the fight for housing security!

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