Solidarity campaign earlier this year at Woonbron in Dordrecht

On Thursday 2 June, housing corporation Woonbron in Dordrecht threatens to evict tenant Jorrit with a class-B flex rental contract by bailiff and police for vacancy and temporary occupancy.

Solidarity action against eviction

June 2, 8:30 am

Noordendijk 325, Dordrecht

The BPW previously demanded, together with the residents of the Vogelbuurt:
1. Stop exchanging groups of temporary residents for each other. Respect housing rights.
2. Provide housing security for everyone and prevent homelessness. 

Make homelessness a top priority

The resident Jorrit has nowhere to go and is not going anywhere. He does not want to be evicted and made homeless for vacancy and for other temporary residents via Interveste, The Salvation Army and Homeflex. We have about 100,000 homeless people in this cool country. Preventing homelessness must therefore become a top priority. If housing associations make tenants exchangeable, we draw a line.

Tenants are not exchangeable

The BPW is solidarity of Jorrit. Tenants are not exchangeable. It's time to get homezchains stop, that the flexibilililacs will be curbed and there will be housing security for everyone. We call on Woonbron to stop this useless musical chairs with people immediately. #fuckflex

We want to invite you to a solidarity action on June 2 between 08:30 and 12:00 in front of the door of Jorrit at Noordendijk 325 in Dordrecht. Bring banners and protest signs and show your support and solidarity.
For information, please contact or via Abel Heijkamp 06-47686543

Support the fight for housing security!

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