Resident Sonja during the action at Woonbron

The residents of the Noordendijk flats in Dordrecht are still fighting against their impending homelessness as a result of evictions on 8 March. After the solidarity action on February 25th we will continue to put pressure on all involved housing associations, anti-squat agencies and flexible housing providers who are responsible for these unnecessary evictions. From Monday 7 March, let these companies know by mail or telephone that they do not agree with making the residents homeless and exchanging the residents! Tenants are not exchangeable!

Call & Mail campaign

Woonbron, Interveste, Salvation Army & Homeflex
From March 7, 9:00 a.m.

Solidarity action

On February 25, the BPW organized a solidarity action together with the residents and a few dozen sympathizers at the head office of Woonbron in Dordrecht. There, the spokesperson stated firmly that he did not want to do anything for these vulnerable residents and that he would continue the evictions on March 8. Woonbron evicts the temporary residents because the required vacancy permit expires and the residents are automatically entitled to general tenancy rights. By using Interveste, the Salvation Army & Home Flex to exchange the temporary tenants for anti-squatters, the homeless and migrant workers with even fewer rights, the temporary tenants are prevented from building up rights. As a result, a number of these residents are at risk of becoming homeless. One of the homes from the flats where the residents will be evicted on March 8 is already offered as anti-squat home through Interveste

But the residents and the BPW remain combative. As long as there is no alternative for these residents than the homeless shelter, they will not go anywhere! Support Sonja and her fellow residents by letting Woonbron, Interveste, the Salvation Army and Home Flex know that you do not agree with making and exchanging residents homeless and demands that the evictions stop immediately on 8 March. We advocate solidarity within different groups of residents. Do not let temporary tenants, homeless people and labor migrants compete for the same house, but ensure housing security for all these groups of vulnerable residents. 

Together with the residents of the Vogelbuurt, the BPW demands:

1. Stop exchanging groups of temporary residents for each other. Respect housing rights.
2. Provide housing security for everyone and prevent homelessness.

Standard letter


Dear reader, 

I would like to let you know that I find it absurd that your company is jointly responsible for exchanging tenants in the Noordendijk flats in Dordrecht, resulting in homelessness. Temporary tenants are evicted to prevent the build-up of tenancy rights and months before demolition are exchanged for anti-squatters, the homeless, migrant workers and other disenfranchised residents. A number of them have no way to go and threaten to become homeless as of March 8.

We therefore demand that all parties involved immediately stop exchanging temporary residents and offer them housing security by preventing homelessness. 


a sympathizer

Copy the above standard letter and mail it to Woonbron, Interveste, the Salvation Army and Homeflex. In addition, we ask you to call these companies with the same message and repeat the requirements. 

housing source


Salvation Army


Support the fight for housing security!

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