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Ten residents of the former Tilburg Jan Ligthart School (RentrywayEast 275) have to leave their homes on February 24. Residents arriving via Monoma rents are exchanged for Stichting Ateliers, another temporary user† monoma is an anti-squat agency that was previously known as Camelot and is now part of Mosaic World. This exchange of residents for studio use is done on behalf of the municipality of Tilburg, the owner† BPW supports the residents and demands for them housing security of the municipality of Tilburg. In a time of housing crisis and growthiand the homelessness, the municipality must account for itwtake judgment to daklOto prevent nausea.

Solidarity action and handing over of demands to the municipality of Tilburg 
February 24, 14:00
Willemsplein, near Paleis-Raadhuis, Tilburg

Housing insecurity

Resident Mansa: “I am 62 years old and I am in danger of being made homeless on February 24 by the municipality of Tilburg and Monoma (formerly Camelot). I am now at a loss because of this insecure situation because no alternative is offered. No social plan is affected by the municipality. The Ateliers Foundation, for which I am being exchanged, also takes no responsibility. The foundation refuses to take over my lease, even though that option does exist. The municipality, Monoma and Stichting Ateliers have not asked the current residents anything. Now I'm totally stuck. Prices in the free sector are unaffordable. The waiting list for social housing in Tilburg is 10 years and I am registered too short. Who will take responsibility for my right of residence and social security?”

Circumvention of rent protection by the municipality

According to the Brabants Dagblad, the municipality of Tilburg last year 90 buildings under management to Camelot. In this way, the municipality of Tilburg tries to circumvent the rent protection for residents through anti-squat contracts from dubious agencies. This is how precarious living situations arise all the time. Camelot is regularly in the news due to structural abuses surrounding temporary contracts and the lack of housing rights. 


Housing insecurity is the result of mismanagement

Mansa is not the only one, because many other residents have such a situation in their stomach. It is unclear why the municipality has not offered the residents a new contract and why they are being exchanged for other users via Stichting Atielier. When asked by Mansa at the Ateliers Foundation, he states “We do not see it as our responsibility. It is located at the municipality and Monoma”. This way everyone washes their hands in innocence. So soon art will be made here, temporarily, probably only for a year, in a place where people are now being made homeless.


Chair dance

It is unclear what the municipality is doing to prevent homelessness of Mansa and other residents. In the municipal council are now asked questions about this situation It is bizarre that the municipality of Tilburg is collaborating with Camelot and does not provide a social arrangement for the sitting tenants, but simply exchanges them coldly. It is the umpteenth time that people are in trouble because of the anti-squat construction by Camelot, where municipalities try to keep their hands clean by outsourcing the dirty work. This is not only happening in Tilburg, but throughout Europe.  The municipality and landlords should first of all prevent evictions by not working with precarious contracts and must guarantee (re)housing at all times so that the right to housing is respected. As owner of 100%, the municipality is responsible for this musical musical chairs: one flex-inhabitant out, the other flex-user (Stichting Ateliers) in. As a result, scarce living space in Tilburg is disappearing again. The BPW considers this an undesirable development, as we are in the middle of a deep housing crisis.

Residents and BPW requirements of the municipality of Tilburg. 

1. Stop evictions and the exchange of residents by the municipality of Tilburg, Monoma and Stichting Ateliers.

2. Provides housing security and prevents homelessness of all residents.

3. The Municipality of Tilburg must stop outsourcing to companies that circumvent rent protection with flex rental contracts. 

4. The municipality of Tilburg must guarantee the housing security of all Tilburg residents at all times. 

How can you support residents?

Come to the solidarity action and handing over of demands on Thursday 24 February at 14:00: Willemsplein near the Paleis-Raadhuis in Tilburg. We are going to hand over our demands to the responsible alderman Oscar Dusschoten (VVD) and political partiesShow that you show solidarity and that you do not agree with vulnerable residents being made homeless. Share this article and sign up for the Facebook event. 
Are you also a resident who is currently at risk of becoming homeless due to contract termination? Please contact us via the questionnaire† Would you like to know more about the situation, or would you like to get in touch with the residents? Please contact us via the contact form.

Support the fight for housing security!

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