For the art project 'on thin ice' The Graphic Atelier Den Bosch asked seven visual artists to explore the theme of loss. Through the Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW) two artists came into contact with people who are dealing with a housing shortage. Their work will be shown at the BPW on Saturday 19 February.

During the one-day exhibition, the artists Hanna de Haan and Peim van der Sloot show the results of their explorations. 

On slippery ice

Location: Bond Precarious Housing Forms
Date: February 19
Time: 2 p.m. -5 p.m.
Address: Ridderspoorstraat 2, Den Bosch


What does that do to you if you don't have a home? Hanna de Haan wanted to investigate this. She decides to send letters to people in need of housing. The answers follow, even a letter from children of a homeless man. In the letters she reads how fundamental that is: a place where you can always return. It inspires Hanna de Haan to make a series of three wooden panels, on which she silkscreens people who carry their entire household items with them. She returns sentences from the letters to the triptych.


Peim van der Sloot is struck by the activism at the BPW, which he himself is attracted to. He makes a design for a T-shirt based on the logo of the union. The logo, a house with a fist, stands for the claim that the foundation makes on the right of residence. A number of other materials will also be made from the design, which the organization can use for housing protests. The T-shirts and Hoodies with Peim's design are also available sold in the webshop of the BPW.

About the Bond

The Bond Precarious Housing Forms is an association that fights for the right to housing and the city. They do this by standing up for the housing rights of people who live temporarily, insecurely or too expensively. Tenants increasingly have to deal with one or more of these forms of housing insecurity. Due to the growth of these precarious forms of housing, regular rental, with full rental rights and a good (social) housing stock, is coming under increasing pressure. 

Except Hanna de Haan and Peim van der Sloot also do Choi WongMarieke PetersMarijn KuijperMignon Nusteling and Sioejeng Tsao participate in 'On thin ice'. The art project is made possible in part by the Mondriaan FundPrince Bernhard Culture FundMunicipality of 's-Hertogenbosch and 90 private supporters via our crowdfunding through For the Arts.

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