After a long battle, the appeal against will follow on January 19 the eviction of the chronically ill Hans. BPW is demanding a stop to this eviction and a reduction of the rent to below the liberalization limit so that he can continue to live in his current home. We ask everyone to show solidarity and to attend the session at 60 Prins Clauslaan in The Hague.

Appeal for eviction Hans
Prince Clauslaan 60, The Hague
19/01/22 11:00 a.m.

Make sure you are present at the Court of The Hague at least 30 to 15 minutes in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: Registering to attend the session does not make sense, a maximum of 2 people may be present due to corona. In contrast, residents like Hans can be evicted from their homes, despite corona. That's why we are organizing a solidarity meeting outside!

gathering, photo opportunity, press

10:45 2 people in

11:30 expected end of session

11:30 – 12:30 discussion with coffee / tea

Customization is rent reduction

The seriously ill Hans who has his work and income during coronaand lost, is evicted by Staedion because of rent arrears. Staedion's 'customization' means that despite his illness Hans is forced to move to a house elsewhere with a temporary lease, but that is not a solution. BPW therefore demands rent reduction of the current home, so that Hans can continue to live where he has enjoyed living for years. Not only to guarantee housing security for Hans, but also because Staedion has confirmed that when Hans leaves, the rent for his home will be lowered to below the liberalization limit for the next resident.

Handing over requirements & tenant action

On September 24 organized BPW the Hague together with Hans a claim handover Bee stadium. Staedion then indicated that it would provide tailor-made solutions. A conversation followed in which Hans was pressured to leave his home anyway, to drop his appeal and, only then, be offered a temporary and precarious contract elsewhere. On January 19, the appeal against the planned eviction. stadium had in the first instance indicated the appeal not wanting to wait and announced a eviction aan on Dec 8. This is an outrageous form of harassment. In the end, tenant actions and an emergency procedure ensured that the planned eviction on December 8 was withdrawn.

Hans hands over the requirements to spokesperson Staedion during the requirements handover on September 24th

The BPW is deeply outraged that someone who lost his job and income as an electrician due to and during the corona crisis, and who has heart problems and a muscle and connective tissue disease, is being put under so much pressure by a corporation that refuses to provide suitable customization. This causes great stress and sleepless nights for Hans, which is not conducive to his well-being and recovery. Flex living is by no means a solution for a chronically ill resident. Housing security and rent reduction in the current home and neighborhood where Hans is rooted is. 

Housing security for everyone

A house must offer stability in different phases of life; even if you you lose a job, change your household or dealing with a serious disease. BPW defends this right of residence against the crazy market thinking by investors, and unfortunately also housing associations with a social task, like thisas Stadium.  


Stop evictions

A motion has been passed in the Hague city council not to carry out evictions during the corona crisis. Also Aedes made intent agreements with the government to prevent evictions, and to deliver customizationFinally, there was also passed a motion to prevent evictions due to rent debt and give bailiffs at to be reluctant mwith regard to evictions. Still go Staedion, wethouder Balster and the responsible minister just continue with evictions during the day a housing and corona crisis, with the highest number of infections in history. 

Show your solidarity

We call on everyone to January 19 to be present at the hearing of Hans and so Staedion, alderman Balster and to let the minister know that we do not find this eviction acceptable. Show your solidarity at the court in The Hague on 19 January, 11 am, at Prins Clauslaan 60. Register for the Facebook event and share it in your network!

Together with the BPW, Hans demands from Staedion:
1. Stop the planned eviction!
2. Provide customization: Reduce the rent to below the liberalization limit!
For more information, please contact us at

Support the fight for housing security!

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