On October 17, the second national demonstration for a radically different housing policy will take place in Rotterdam! This week, organizers of the Housing Revolt, the Housing Protest and the Housing Resistance entered into a conversation with outgoing minister Ollongren. They emphasized there that a radical change of course is needed to tackle the housing crisis. It has once again become clear that the current government is not prepared to make the necessary fundamental policy changes, and is waiting for further escalation of the housing crisis. Time to keep on organizing and to make the 17th heard in Rotterdam!


The Residential Revolt kicks off at 14:00 in the Afrikaanderpark. There is a stage ready for the program. A program has been drawn up, and more about this will follow soon! After the program in the Afrikaanderpark, a protest march to the Binnenrotte follows. Join the Facebook event to stay up to date!


Afrikaander Park, Rotterdam
17 OCTOBER 14:00


Practical preparations for the 17th are in full swing. The production team is working hard to get it all done. At the moment there is a great need for extra hands before and during the demonstration. Would you like to help as a volunteer at the Woonopstand? Then sign up via the website. Volunteers receive a unique #Woonopstand t-shirt!

Posters & Stickers

Don't forget to pick up Residential Revolt stickers and posters in your area. These can be picked up free of charge in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Breda and Groningen. Pay attention! Some collection points have no more material, please contact the relevant collection point to check the current stock. You can still order via the Red Lapp.


The fundraiser for the #Woonstand is going well. Thanks for that! But we're not there yet, to reach our target amount of €10,000, we still need every little bit! Give what you can, and support the organization of the #Woonopstand and the Dutch housing movement in the long term!

Practical info & accessibility

We ask everyone to use public transport as much as possible, because there are not many parking spaces near the Afrikaanderpark. The Afrikaander Park is easily accessible by public transport. From Rotterdam Central Station you take metro D (direction De Akkers) or E (direction Slinge) to metro station Rijnhaven (ride takes about 7 minutes). There is a wheelchair accessible lift at the Rijnhaven metro station. From the Rijnhaven metro station, the distance to the Afrikaanderpark is approximately 600 meters. More info via the button on the website:

bus transport

The SP provides a large number of free tour buses that drive from all over the country to the Woonopstand. You can register (even if you are not a member of the SP) via

We hope to see you all on Sunday 17 October 14:00 Afrikaanderpark in Rotterdam. Time to revolt for a radically different housing policy!

Support the fight for housing security!

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