Hans has been living in a free for 7 years sector house of the Staedion housing corporation on Jan Romeinstraat in The Hague. Due to corona and a diagnosis as terminally ill, he lost his income since April 2020, and ended up in payment problems. Despite performance agreements between Staedion and the municipality to prevent evictions based on payment arrears due to corona as much as possible and to provide customization, it refused an application for rent reduction and started an eviction procedure. BPW The Hague takes action and together with Hans demands that Staedion immediately start the eviction procedure withdraw and Hans can stay in his house!

Requirements handing over

Staedion, Kon. Julianaplein 2, The Hague



Payment problems

Hans worked in electrical engineering as a freelancer and from April 2020, after the outbreak of the corona virus, saw that his planned jobs were canceled Causing his income declined. On top of that came the diagnosis of an incurable muscle- and connective tissue disease in October, as a result of which Hans had to stop his electrical engineering activities for good. He asked the TOZO (temporary bridging independent entrepreneurs), was assigned this and therefore had to get by on € 1078 per month. This could no longer be reconciled with the rent of his free sector house from €900. That's why he asked for customization and rent reduction at Staedion. Bee he applied for a housing allowance from the municipality and was awarded itn as a temporary contribution to the rental costs. However, Staedion refused his request for rent reduction. Staedion states that Hans does not live in a suitable home, has not had an income-related rent increase in the past and that he does not live in social housing. 

Lack of customization

Staedion's promised customization was therefore refused. This minimizes the chance that Hans will still get out of his payment problems on his own. Why the rent reduction was refused is incomprehensible to Hans.

“Staedion wants me out of my house because they think I don't live in a suitable house. My neighbors almost all pay a social rent for the same house and Staedion has confirmed that when I leave the house, my house will be rented out again with a social rent. Rent reduction is therefore simply possible, so that I could stay in my home. But Staedion wants me gone.”

Staedion performance agreements worth nothing

In April, the eviction noticegspproceedings against Hans in the court of The Hague. There, the judge ruled that he had to leave his home on 1 October as a result of the rent arrears that had accumulated. The appeal is still pending. The performance agreements and the almost unanimously adopted motion in the Hague city council to prevent evictions during the corona crisis, this is ignored and residents unnecessarily made homeless. The municipality of The Hague, which until now paid out the housing allowance as a loan because Staedion did not agree to the rent reduction, also allows this eviction to take place, while they did contribute to Hans's rent. The homeless shelter in The Hague is already under heavy pressure, so we also ask what Alderman Balster will do to prevent this eviction.

“Staedion, the municipality and Schuldenlab070 are working together to prevent evictions (= curative approach) and reduce payment arrears (= preventive approach). When collecting debts, Staedion makes every effort to prevent a further increase in rent arrears, to make personal contact where possible, to guarantee the attachment-free footing and to act reasonably by providing tailor-made solutions.”

Together with the BPW, Hans demands from Staedion:

1. Stop the planned eviction!
2. Provide customization: Reduce the rent to below the liberalization limit!

On Friday 24 September, BPW The Hague is therefore organizing a handover of requirements at the Staedion head office at the Kon. Julianaplein 2. Show your solidarity and come to the action to force Staedion to keep to its own performance agreements and not to put anyone out on the street.

Support the fight for housing security!

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