We live in uncertain times, in which precarious work and precarious living are directly related. Then you can build up rent debt. The Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW) wants to prevent even more people from becoming debtors or homeless as a result of the housing and corona crisis. More than 800,000 tenants have according to the NIBUD too little left over for necessary living expenses after payment of rent. In addition, a growing number of people can only get a temporary rental contract and are therefore insecure about housing. The current situation has become untenable. The BPW has therefore developed a toolkit for housing security.

Residents in trouble during the housing and corona crisis

Whatever your problem, this toolkit will get you started with practical organizational tips, roadmaps, customizable form letters, draftneighborhood survey and frequently asked questions.


If we are forced to choose between becoming indebted or homeless; between eating or paying rent, we choose to fight together for rent remission, rent reduction and housing security. The fact that Minister of Housing, Kajsa Ollongren, repeatedly passed motions in the Senate for rent freeze refuses to executelegitimizes our necessary move to direct action all the more.


This toolkit has been specially developed for groups of residents who have run into problems due to the housing and corona crisis and who want to organize themselves. We map out the options available to claim your right of residence together with your neighbors and offer practical tips to increase the chances of achieving that goal together with BPW.


Support the fight for housing security!

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