Rotterdam – It is almost July 1. In that case, the statutory minimum wage is adjusted in line with inflation. This means an increase of ten whole cents for next year. To 9.82 euros per hour. Gross. Dear Rutte, this is still too much to die, and too little to live decently on. And that after a year in which the number of millionaires has increased even further…

Get over the bridge before 14! Everywhere in the country we will cross the bridge on Saturday 26 June for at least 14 euros, and we encourage politicians to do the same. In Rotterdam we cross the Erasmus Bridge at 2 pm from the Marathon statue on Willemsplein. A surprise action follows halfway through. We end with a short stage program on the square at Vijf Werelddelen. Will you join us?

Get over the bridge before 14!

Marathon statue, Willemsplein, Rotterdam


Squatting action BPW Rotterdam & Rotterdam for 14

Earlier this year, a group of Rotterdammers squatted a former community center in Delfshaven to make a statement against the rising inequality and poverty in the city. The action group, consisting of, among others, members of BPW Rotterdam and Rotterdam for 14, states that Rotterdammers with a low income are being chased out of the city. read here the official press release of the squat back. 

Support the fight for housing security!

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