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Labor Day is celebrated all over the world on 1 May, including in the Netherlands. BPW participates in a number of cities. Various members and local chapters will participate in demonstrations and we invite everyone to join in. After all, the struggle for a dignified existence is very topical. It is very important that we connect, especially with the people who are forced to work and live insecurely. Read the various announcements below:


Text by Labour Day – On May 1, we will take to the streets together and in solidarity with workers worldwide. Before fair working conditions such as a minimum wage of 14 euros per hour and permanent contracts. Before good social housing. For a real climate policy that is accessible and affordable for everyone. For an inclusive society in which everyone can be themselves, is truly equal and where everyone's contribution is valuable. Before reclaiming and claiming social security. For a good pension system, free access to full (mental) health care and free education. For a social safety net that catches people and does not dehumanize them. For the building of a broad labor movement that will stand up for each other, protect each other from repression from above and enforce a social society

We will not get out of the crisis by being guided by the interests of big money, who put profit and economic growth first, want to control the pandemic instead of contain it and in doing so cause more economic damage. Which destroy the cultural sector and restrict social life so that the factories can continue to run unhindered. Where it is already being discussed when it is possible to cut back on social security again. We say out loud: No! Let the rich pay for the crisis! Taxes large companies and multinationals. Protect the workers. Demonstrate with us on 1 May at 13.00 in Amsterdam. Before solidarity. Against social degradation.

Demonstration: Let the rich pay for the crisis

Jonas Daniel Meijerplein, Amsterdam

May 1

1:00 p.m.


Text by Lead for 14 – May 1st is Labor Day. On this day, we celebrate historic victories such as the eight-hour workday and paid vacation days. On May 1, we want to celebrate from 14:00 to 16:00 in the Plantsoen in Leiden (part of the Singelpark). We call on all left-wing movements in Leiden to come with a few people. Together we celebrate our fight for a better world! To be able to do that every year, we have the requirement that May 1 should be a national holiday on which everyone is free!!
We provide some music, a game and chalk for some small actions in the neighborhood. Let's all make sure that we keep enough distance from each other and wear mouth caps. Until then!

May 1, everyone free!

Singelpark Plantsoen, Leiden

May 1

14:00 – 16:00

More info: Lead for 14


Text by Cultural Workers Unite – On this Labor Day we celebrate all work outside the workplace. All the work put into building solidarity and meaningful relationships between groups, neighbourhoods, individuals. We celebrate radical community building as a new vision of a post-capitalist world that actively and joyfully resists extractive labor practices and discriminatory housing policies.
On May 1, join Resist!Rejoice!Ride! a bicycle demonstration that brings together workers' struggles and housing struggles and shows the importance of community and solidarity building in resisting gentrification and fighting rising inequality in the city. We plan to visit neighborhoods that have organized against predatory gentrification policies, and community spaces that have managed to spark discussions for collective resistance.
Detailed schedule will follow in the coming days.
For events on Sunday 2 May click >><<

resist! Rejoice! Ride! – Bicycle demo

De la Reystraat, Rotterdam

May 1

12:00 – 14:00h

Facebook event:

Support the fight for housing security!

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