Come to the action on October 22 at Rochdale: Stop eviction Gilermo from Spaghettiflat in Zaandam. On October 22, Gilermo and flatmates of the Zaanse Spaghettiflat are in danger of being evicted from their home. Not because it will be demolished — that will take at least another 2 years — but because the Rochdale housing association and flex landlord Alvast want to exchange residents for each other. 

Their anti-squat strangle contracts of 325,- per month (incl. gas and heating – excl. water and electricity) are terminated. After that, tenants can reapply, after police screening and income screening, to a Vacancy Act contract further down the flat, for hundreds of euros more per month. Residents who have just renovated their house would like a better lease, but they do not agree with this pointless move.

Action announcement
Rochdale, Bos en Lommerplein 303



“Living is not musical chairs. We are not interchangeable throwaway tenants, but people who deserve housing rights and respect!”

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW) no longer accepts how Rochdale and Alvast abuse their dominant position for the umpteenth time and force vulnerable tenants as disenfranchised pawns to move in the middle of the housing and corona crisis. The BPW is therefore assisting Gilermo and flatmates in their fight for housing security and is organizing a collective claim handover at Rochdale headquarters on October 22 at 12:00 pm.

We require the following from Rochdale and Already:

1. Stop Eviction Gilermo and Flatmates!

2. Offers residents a rental contract and security in their current home.

Come too! In addition to the requirements presentation, there are short speeches. In accordance with the corona measures, we keep 1,5 meters away and there is disinfection gel. If you do not have a mouth cap with you, we will provide it.

Thursday October 22
12:00 o'clock
Bos en Lommerplein 303, Amsterdam

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Support the fight for housing security!

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