Eviction by real estate investor Vivada Properties/ Orange Capital Partners

In the Laakkwartier in The Hague, two young tenants are evicted after a temporary contract by Vivada Properties, part of real estate investor Orange Capital Partners and owner of more than 3000 (!) homes in the Randstad. It cannot be that in times of a national housing and health crisis, investors like OCP have complete control over the housing situation of so many vulnerable tenants. That is why BPW The Hague, together with these tenants, started the resistance against temporary leases and these evictions by real estate investors! Housing is not a revenue model, it is a human right!
Flyer campaign Laakkwartier, The Hague 20/08/20 7:30 PM On Thursday, August 20, we will start the campaign with a flyer campaign in Laakkwartier, The Hague. There will be a small information stand in the neighborhood with flyers, stickers and something to drink. We start at 7:30 PM, but you can come and help at any time! The aim of the campaign is to make more people aware of how harmful the influence of temporary contracts and real estate investors is on the current housing crisis. At the same time, we are looking for tenants who are in the same uncertain situation to share their story and join our fight for housing security!


  • Do you pay your rent every month to Vivada Properties, Orange Capital Partners or another large investment company?
  • Do you have a temporary rental contract of 2 years or less?
  • Or are you forced to move during the housing and corona crisis?
Please contact BPW The Hague or send an email to More information about the flyer promotion via the Facebook page of BPW The Hague or view the page of the event. Soon we will come with more information about this campaign and follow-up actions that are planned! Follow BPW The Hague Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on the website of the Bond Precaire housing forms! Together we fight for #housing security! Drive for housing security!

Support the fight for housing security!

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