We ask for your help in difficult times as the coronavirus spreads. House evictions continue and we normally cannot allow that, but certainly not NOW.


Ehsan threatens to become one of the victims and has turned to the BPW. From an online journalistic TV show article The Monitor:

Ehsan has three weeks left. He is an artist and works as a freelancer in the cultural sector. Many of his assignments have been canceled due to the corona measures. He has been living anti-squat in Amsterdam Nieuw West for almost a year through a flex landlord in a home owned by housing corporation Eigen Haard. He normally finds it very difficult and stressful that he has to move every now and then. At the time of this pandemic, however, he finds it even more problematic, certainly because he has not been offered any replacement housing.' 

Confusion and twisted

In the same article, the Eigen Haard housing association responds as follows:

'Housing corporation Eigen Haard announces through the spokesperson that after consultation this morning they have decided not to let this eviction go ahead. The renovation of the building can still be postponed. “The aim of Eigen Haard is that no one will be on the street during this period. We will do our best to find a good alternative for all residents, whether they have a permanent lease or temporary.” The postponement will in any case apply until mid-May, after which the situation will be reconsidered.' The Monitor 

From the letter from Ehsan's closest neighbor on March 26, 2020, it appears that Eigen Haard communicates differently:

Moving to a change house is stressful for residents. Stress that residents are already experiencing as a result of the Corona crisis. We also do not think it is responsible that several residents contacts can arise during the move to the transitional home… With the knowledge of today, we want to start moving permanent residents (…) in the period 1 to 15 June inclusive.. (see Youtube video link under min. 1:00)

It seems like Ehsan is being treated like a second class tenant. 

Stop eviction Eshan

What applies to permanent residents should also apply to Ehsan: A move during the corona crisis causes unnecessary stress and creates unwanted contacts between residents. 

That is why we demand that Ehsan be allowed to stay in his home, at least until the Corona crisis is over.

The BPW has no objections to renovation, as long as it does not cause homelessness. Also offer Ehsan replacement housing after the corona crisis.

How can you help?

1. Share this email and Ehsan's new video call via Facebook (tag Scan Ovich) and also via Twitter with #stophuisuitelingEhsan.
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2. Mail Eigen Haard or send them a message via social media with the above requirement.

3. Sign part of the petition 'Stop evictions'. Housing security for everyone, especially during the corona crisis. We call on the government for a nationwide ban on evictions. Use the #woon revolt #housing security #stophuise eviction ehsan

Call on your friends to form a circle of solidarity around this vulnerable tenant. “Watch each other”: says the government. Through this action, we are responding to this call by protecting each other now. We count on you. The housing struggle continues.

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