Ehsan lives through a flex landlord in a house of the Amsterdam housing corporation Eigen Haard. As an artist and freelancer he works in the cultural sector and many of his assignments have been canceled with immediate effect. His contract has also recently been terminated. “Even if the house will be renovated in the future, this is not an appropriate time to terminate the contract,” he says. “There is no urgent need to put people on the street now.”

Despite the major housing crisis and corona crisis, the Eigen Haard housing corporation and a flex landlord will continue with evictions and contract terminations of (flex) tenants in Amsterdam Nieuw West! This is inhumane and unacceptable.


How can people go into quarantine if they don't have a home (anymore)?

We as tenants of solidarity will no longer allow anyone to be made homeless, regardless of housing type.

We therefore demand immediately van Eigen Haard and specifically for the tenant of the Bernard Loderstraat 29 – 2 in Amsterdam:

1. Stop Ehsan's eviction and provide housing security.

2. Offer a (re)housing guarantee.


Housing and work insecurity

E-mails in the hands of the BPW show that the flex lessor states that it does not have any alternative accommodation. Eigen Haard refers back to the flex lessor for this. The GGD also states that it has nothing and indicates that the homeless shelter is full. And so we are back to square one. The precarious income position of tenants such as Ehsan and the lack of right of residence are putting a growing group of 10,000 temporary (flex) tenants in a bind. On top of that, the flex landlord is cutting the knife through the threat of fines of 250 euros per day that the house is not vacated! 

Despite outsourcing to a party that works with dubious (and disguised) leases, Eigen Haard, as the owner, naturally remains one hundred percent responsible for the situation. You don't have to mess with housing rights. Borders are being crossed, because commercial interests take precedence over public health and the human right to housing.

Living with dignity

What kind of society do we live in when housing associations put people on the street? What kind of society will we live in if the Minister for Housing, Stientje van Veldhoven, does not intervene even now? With a housing shortage of 300,000 houses, doubling of homelessness in the past 10 years, more flexible housing and a situation in which rents have exploded, we expect leniency, customization and humanity in these difficult times. “I'm tired of being treated like this all the time. I am not exchangeable, but a human being”, says Ehsan combatively.

We are giving a 5 day ultimatum to meet our demands and are considering further action.


How can you help?

1. Share this post and Ehsan's video call on Twitter (#stopevictionehsan) and Facebook (scan Ovich) and call on your friends to form a circle of solidarity around this vulnerable tenant. “Watch each othersays the government. Through this action, we are responding to this call by protecting each other now. Share Ehsan's video via facebook and subrcibe on his youtube channel for the next episode.

2. Mail Eigen Haard via info(at) or send them a message via social media with the request not to vacate this house. 

3. Sign the petition 'Stop Evictions'. Housing security for everyone, especially during the corona crisis. We call on the government for a nationwide ban on evictions.  #wo-insurance #housing security #stopevictionehsan

4. Make housing insecurity visible. Hang the poster 'Stop evictions' behind your window and show your solidarity. This can be downloaded here:

5. Join BPW and show solidarity in the fight for dignified living for all of us.

and follow for more action news.

Do you have more questions or solutions? Please contact us or the tenant via Contact (at)