Stop huisuitzettingen. Woonzekerheid voor iedereen, zeker tijdens de coronacrisis.

Stop evictions. Housing security for everyone.

We are in the middle of a deep housing and corona crisis. There are 300,000 houses short, the number of homeless people has doubled in the past 10 years. Yet people are still being evicted.  

How can you go into quarantine if you don't have a house (anymore)? Evictions, regardless of housing type, are irresponsible, inhumane and unacceptable. That is why we oppose all landlords who abuse this and threaten to continue with this.

We therefore call for the following action:

Do you suffer from a drop in income? Ending (flex) rental contract? Rent too high or rent increase? In short: Threatening eviction? and your circumstances are not taken into account:

1. Publish your landlord's name and story on social media. #housing security #rent reduction #stop evictions #housing revolt

2. Register at BPW and become a member, send your landlord a letter and start an online campaign with us against these types of aso landlords.  

3. Make the problem visible in the neighborhood and hang, for example, the stop eviction poster behind your window.  The poster can be downloaded here We also have 500 copies in A2 format ready to send.

4. Share the petition 'Stop evictions. Housing security for everyone during the corona crisis' and call on politicians to take action.

Together we are strong. Housing is a human right. 

Social security and public health without a guarantee of stable income, care and housing is an illusion. We can rely not only on the government, employers and landlords, but on each other. Solidarity from below is therefore necessary. Together we can form a front for our housing future and a dignified existence.


View the gray map of housing insecurity below. Especially people who struggle with housing insecurity deserve extra protection.

My rent or housing contract has been or is in danger of being terminated during the corona crisis. What can I do? Roadmap.

1. Send a letter to your landlord that you cannot and do not want to move on the planned date, because of the corona virus and the housing shortage of 300,000 homes.

2. If you become homeless, this poses a great risk of corona infection and unnecessary spread of the virus. Better you stay safe in quarantine. Evictions and contract terminations are irresponsible and inhumane. 

3. Indicate that you require the landlord to cancel the contract termination and to allow the lease to continue. You can also propose a rent break or rent reduction. Housing security for everyone. Especially during the corona crisis. Also sign and share this petition to the government.

4. Point out to the landlord that any eviction without a court order is illegal. Your landlord will therefore always first have to go to court if you refuse to leave on the planned delivery date. We can put you in touch with a tenancy lawyer.

5. Publish about your precarious living situation on your own social media. This way your friends and family will be informed of the situation in good time. We can help create a solidarity network against deportation Use the hashtags #stopevictions #coronavirusnl 1TP3 Housing security

6. Point out to the landlord that if he or she does not agree within a short period of time, you intend to start a (publicity) campaign together with solidarity friends and continue to defend against your eviction. lRead more about our method here hier

6. Set an ultimatum of (5) days. So that you are not too long in uncertainty about your life and living future.

7. Decent living is a human right.