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In the Rotterdam/The Hague region, there are many problems with finding and keeping affordable housing. Housing is insecure and expensive, and it only seems to get worse. Given this situation, we thought it would be a good idea to hold a tenant consultation hour. During the tenant consultation hour, specialists can answer your questions about housing and being evicted, tenancy law / injustice

In addition, we are setting up a local branch of BPWérs in Rotterdam and The Hague. Do you have the time and desire to participate? or have questions or ideas about this topic? Would you like to exchange ideas with others about what you are doing in this area? Then be very welcome!

Date: Monday 25 November 2019.
Location: Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam

15:00-17:00 Tenant consultation hour
-Do you have questions about (temporary) rent, evictions or, for example, unreasonable demands from landlords, and do you want to know what your rights actually are? During our tenant consultation hour, experienced people from BPW can inform you about what you can do in such a situation.

19.30 -21:00: BPW meet and greet
We give a short presentation about the activities that the Bond Precaire Woonvorm has undertaken to demand housing security for residents. What methods and goals does the BPW have and what can we do together to organize ourselves. Are there any interested parties in joining a local branch of BPWérs in the The Hague/Rotterdam region?

Help out? Also spread the invitation for the tenant consultation hour and the meet and greet on November 25 via Facebook