It may be the summer holidays, but the steady decline in the number of social rental homes in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid continues. By selling out (usually to the highest bidder) and liberalization (often by offering the house for rent in a room).

Tenants' Association Tenants Belang Zuid and the Olympia Residents' Committee demand that this really stop now. That is why we are taking action again. Any house that is sold or liberalized is lost and will never return to the social stock. The real estate corporations also do not seem to have a policy for preserving their property in Oud-Zuid. De Key openly says that he wants to get rid of 100% to focus on new construction for starters (with temporary leases of five years). Ymere wants to sell another 150 homes of the Olympia Complex. Marathonweg 9-1 and Theseusstraat 6-1 have recently been sold. Alliance also sells: Herculesstraat 70B is now for sale for € 325,000. Rochdale offers Sportstraat 22-2 for rent for € 1500.

Let's look at the map (, then Marathonweg and its surroundings are an oasis of corporation property. In addition to private rental and owner-occupied housing. That oasis should not be swallowed up. That would be at the expense of diversity. And there is a crying need: the waiting time for social housing has risen to well over ten years.

ACTION! On Friday afternoon, July 26, a manifestation will be held on the sidewalk of the house that was just sold a few days ago: Marathonweg 8-1. Music, speakers, banner, protest signs, many people, press. Action starts at 4:00 PM, speakers are scheduled from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM. The end of this short, fierce jab is at 18.00.

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm is committed to solidarity. Everyone is called to come. Take advantage of it now that there's action! Make it a massive event!

Share the Facebook event Prikactie #StopSale Olympia and read more on the website of Huurdersbelang South.

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