Do you want to support Jenny? Please contact the Bond Precaire Woonvorm or Home base.

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 17, during the housing council committee of the municipality of Amsterdam, we spoke with several people about the case of Jenny and her children. In addition to Jenny herself, her neighbor Thea also spoke. On behalf of the Bond Precaire Woonvormen and Home Base Robin took the floor. Emotional contributions that gave a good impression of what this is about: a drama created by political failure. A reality that alderman Ivens constantly turned around by suggesting that Jenny's situation was caused by his own negligence. Despite stating that he was aware of many similar matters, he refused to conclude that this is the logical and terrible consequence of politically conducted policies. When the rules prescribe that a family must first slide to an absolute low point before it is entitled to a home, then there is something really wrong with those rules.

Fortunately, hope was also offered, for example by the questions of councilor So Roustayar (at1). Members of other parties also showed their involvement, it is now up to us to further increase support for Jenny and to further increase the pressure. Precisely because Jenny is not the only one in this situation, this should be the moment where we as residents of Amsterdam draw a line, show together that we do not allow the eviction of a family. That evictions are not the sign of individual failure but of a social failure that we as a society can do something about. Do you want to support Jenny? Please contact the Bond Precaire Woonvorm orHome base.

Below is a video registration of the speakers and questions.
In a number of videos, Jenny's last name has been cut from the video, to ensure the privacy of the family as much as possible.

The speakers: