Bond Precaire Woonvormen

Landlord Camelot has been naughty and has charged tenants more than €202.50 for, among other things, the mandatory digital platform 'My Castle'. Now has the judge said, that is unreasonable and is not allowed at all.

Fortunately, you can now save your money reclaim, even though Camelot now suddenly says that it 'start-up costs' to be. That's not allowed. The big grabbing is going to stop. yay.

Are you counting?

Below you can find the standard letter that you can send to them and this lawyer can help you if they keep being naughty and don't refund you. Thousands of (flex) tenants and anti-squat residents of Camelot are immediately entitled to this. The costs for 'My Castle' are already included in the rent and may therefore not be counted twice. It is estimated that the rental company earns almost 200,000 euros annually. Also check your service costs Besides. Sometimes counting is just really, really hard for Camelot.


Even if you no longer live via Camelot, you can claim these costs back. Will you help Camelot with the abacus?

Can't help Camelot with counting and they don't respond to your letter within 14 days? Then (or before) you can of course become a member of the BPW then we are happy to help you with counting. Together we stand stronger against naughty landlords who want to get the most out of it. Housing is a right, not a place to line your pockets, count on it.

In Amsterdam, the !Woon Foundation can help you with this. We are happy to help you beyond that








Camelot Real Estate Management

PO Box 8770



Subject: request for a refund of costs paid at the start of the agreement

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

With effect from [DATE] I have entered into a rental agreement with you for the above-mentioned accommodation. At the start of the rental agreement, I had to pay you, on top of the rental price, one-time costs amounting to € 202.50 (MyCastle costs and/or administration costs) and € 100.00 (cleaning costs). I paid you these costs on [DATE].

However, you should not have charged me for these costs. Costs that you incur when concluding the lease must remain for your own account. In this regard I refer to the judgment of the Amsterdam subdistrict court dated March 29, 2019 (the case Ablinger et al. vs. Camelot Beheer BV). This judgment also applies to my situation.

I will reclaim the paid costs from you. I request that you pay the amount of € 302.50 within fifteen days of receipt of this letter to the account [ACCOUNT NUMBER] in the name of [NAME] in [RESIDENCE].