Eviction threatens single mother and her two children twee
After a period full of stress and uncertainty, homelessness threatens Jenny(*) and her two school-age children (5 and 8) on 1 May 2019. However, she does not receive a housing urgency from the municipality. In such cases, the following applies: first enter the crisis shelter, then urgency.

Temporary solutions for years
It would be a temporary solution. After a breakup, she was able to sublet her downstairs neighbor's house. She knew it was 'not really allowed', but 'if someone gives you a chance, you take it'. Nevertheless, she and the neighbor registered themselves neatly at their new addresses. The bomb exploded four months ago. She was 'caught' by the fraud team of the housing association Eigen Haard. She confessed to the whole situation and was given six months to find a replacement home. That should be enough, it was thought.

Tried everything
Searching in the free sector soon failed; her income as a single parent with a steady job as a flight attendant was too low to qualify for 'mid-market rent'. Due to the usual requirements, these houses are only available for incomes above four times the rent. In Amsterdam, for a house of 1000 euros this means more than 4000 euros net income per month. A house for sale was also not accessible. Her four-year waiting period was far too short for social housing. Getting urgency was also not possible. This is only granted in the case of homelessness. Not for that.

She has an option for temporary shelter again with private individuals in Aalsmeer. But there's a catch there. If she moves to another municipality, she loses any chance of an emergency declaration. Also staying with friends, even if it is for one night, already ensures that there is no urgency. At the moment there is still an objection pending against the rejection of her urgency in the second instance.

Eigen Haard now wants to proceed with deportation, two months before the end of the school year. Entirely according to the rules. But who benefits when Jenny and her children end up in crisis shelter? The community has lost money on it, and no extra house will become available. After all, the family has a right to urgency.

Like any parent, Jenny grants her children stability. She therefore hopes for a speedy end to this stressful situation. At the moment that is not in sight. That's why she stays in her house until a solution is found.

(*) Full name and contact details are known to the BPW