Sale Amsterdam is an action tour through the financed city.

Start tour: 13:00 Start location: Jollemanhof 5, Amsterdam School of Real Estate (near Pakhuis de Zwijger)

Join an action tour of our financed city on April 6th

During the tour we visit a variety of locations, so you will learn to understand life in the current city. For example, the tour will reflect on various investment objects and trading companies and their impact on the city.

Housing has been turned into a commodity. This makes living in the city unaffordable and inaccessible. Rising rents are driving people out of their neighborhood and city and many people no longer have security of residence. How come? And what can we do about this together?

Do you want to know more about the financialization of housing and are you in favor of more housing security? Then join this Sale tour! The tour is part of a European day of action against rent increases and evictions. At the end of there will be room to forge follow-up actions.

We want a city
• which is not a business model, but a living environment for everyone – regardless of origin, language, age or disability.
• in which houses are built to live in, not to make a profit.
• in which no one has to live in insecurity, emergency shelter or on the street.
• in which the living space, land and nature are jointly owned.

tshow your solidarity. Together we can get things moving. Housing is a right!

This tour is an initiative of en

BPW press statement: Sale Amsterdam: action tour through the financed city (PDF).


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