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Photo below: Kris Krug/Flickr

On Sunday afternoon March 10, 2019 a large Climate March is taking place in Amsterdam. It promises to be the largest climate mobilization in Dutch history, organized by a broad coalition of organisations. While the House of Representatives is considering the draft climate agreement, the march wants to make a clear voice heard: “A safe future for ourselves and our children. It must and can be done differently”.

The BPW chooses to actively support the climate march as part of the 'Block for Radical Climate Justice'. Like the housing crisis, the climate crisis is a symptom of a political and economic system that puts profit above people and nature. The current system produces extreme inequality, divides populations and places the responsibility on the individual. We see this in our housing struggle as well as in the fight for climate justice.

Housing costs and climate
Climate change affects everyone. However, there is a good chance that the climate plans will hit people in a precarious or poor living situation, among other things. Poorly insulated homes are associated with rising energy costs and specific gas will also be taxed extra. However, the BPW stands for a climate agreement in which the burdens and benefits are actually fairly distributed. Polluters must pay more, while citizens and housing associations must be relieved of the burden. For example, compensation options for tenants for the rising housing costs should be looked at. In addition, the landlord levy costs housing associations billions: money that can and should be invested in making the existing housing stock more sustainable and renovating.

Housing scarcity, division and climate
In addition to the burdens of climate change that are for the time being placed on the individual, there is also a development that is causing divisions in the field of housing. Housing is a basic right, but little is done about the housing shortage. Social rent is being further broken down, waiting lists are getting longer and investors are buying up land to rent or sell houses at high prices and with many criteria. Instead of tackling the causes of housing shortages, municipalities are increasingly looking at who needs a home the most. Scarcity in housing causes people to come face to face with each other. At the same time, it is clear that climate change is causing a large influx of refugees. This combination can be fertile ground for xenophobia, nationalism and racism. The BPW stands for a more just world for all and fights against forms of competition and division in the housing market. Housing is a right for all, not a favor or provision to be distributed.

Practical and further information

Place: Dam Square, Amsterdam
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
More info here.
Join us if you believe a more just world is possible!

Supporting organizations: Code Rood, Climate Liberation Bloc / CLuB, Fossil Free Culture NL, ASEED Europe, GroenFront,, Behoud Lutkemeer, Netherlands Palestine Committee, Anarchist Group Amsterdam, NieuwLand, Anarchist Group Nijmegen, Bond Precaire Woonvorm, 2.Dh5 .